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Brigade Models: Neuheiten

Zwei wirklich kleine Neuheiten gibt es bei Brigade Models.

Brigade Models Neuheiten

Brigade Models – Neuheiten

It’s the first Friday of 2020, and thus also our first new release of the year. We’re starting with a pair of new buildings in the Small Scale Scenery range from the Middle-East.

The first is a larger mosque with four minarets – this isn’t based on any particular real-world prototype, but instead is a more generic model. The main body is resin, the minarets are separate metal pieces.

The second model is the Roman fort of Qasr Bshir (also spelt Bashir) in Jordan. This fort, known as Mobeneback in the day, was part of a chain intended to protect Arabia from nomadic tribes. The original is in surprisingly good condition given that it’s roughly 1700 years old!

SSS-8146 – Grand Mosque – £2.50
SSS-8147 – Qasr Bshir Fort – £2.50

Link: Brigade Models

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