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Bombshell Miniatures: August Patreon

Bombshell Miniatures zeigt Bilder der August-Miniaturen ihres Patreons.

Bombshell Miniatures  August Patreon Bombshell Miniatures  August Patreon2 Bombshell Miniatures  August Patreon3 Bombshell Miniatures  August Patreon4Bombshell Miniatures  August Patreon5

Bombshell Miniatures-  August Patreon

I have a few more characters to do and of course the modular Cyber Zulu Warriors need to be posed. I will be dropping them in the download folder as soon as they are finished.


Bomb Kit – Ammo Dump

Also don’t forget to snag your pieces for the Ammo Dump set and the Weapons. There are two sets of weapon files, with and without hands attached.

Quelle: Bombshell Miniatures FB


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