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Bombshell: Bikes & Bots Kickstarter

BombshellMiniatures hat ihren neusten Kickstarter scharf geschaltet – Bikes & Bots.

Bombshell – BIKES & BOTS – 3D Printable Tabletop Models

A set of digital downloadable STL files for you to print on your 3D Printers and use with many Sci-fi battle games and RPGS.

Revv up your Rocket Bikes and get your Bot on with this collection of retro Atomic Sci-Fi inspired vehicles and robots ready to populate your tabletop games!

This campaign provides quality character & vehicle miniatures, scatter terrain, scenic pieces, and more for you to print at home on your own resin 3D or FDM printers. The rewards are for digtial STL files to print the models shown and are inteneded to be used in the most popular tabletop gaming scales such as 28-32mm. There are many items that would be suitable for all manner of sci-fi, atompunk, dieselpunk, and pulp miniatures games and RPG settings.

PLEASE NOTE – This Kickstarter is for digital files (STLs) to make all these items on your own home 3D printer – these are not physical items **


Bombshell BIKES & BOTS Bombshell BIKES & BOTS2 Bombshell BIKES & BOTS3 Bombshell BIKES & BOTS4

Bombshell BIKES & BOTS8

Bombshell BIKES & BOTS5 Bombshell BIKES & BOTS6 Bombshell BIKES & BOTS7

 Bombshell BIKES & BOTS9

Bombshell BIKES & BOTS10 Bombshell BIKES & BOTS11

Derzeit steht der Kickstarter bei ca. 70% des Ziels und läuft noch bis 17. April 2020 01:45 CEST.

Link: Bikes & Bots KS

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