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Blotz: Nautisches Zubehör

Blotz veröffentlicht eine Reihe von Accessoires, die sich an Spieler maritimer Systeme richten — Ahoi!

Blotz Nautisches Zubehör2 Blotz Nautisches Zubehör3 Blotz Nautisches Zubehör4 Blotz Nautisches Zubehör5 Blotz Nautisches Zubehör6 Blotz Nautisches Zubehör7 Blotz Nautisches Zubehör8 Blotz Nautisches Zubehör1

Blotz – nautisches Zubehör

We’re contemplating all things Naval today….

We’ve been asked numerous times for templates and tokens and other bits suitable for use with games set on the high seas, so if you’re enjoying Black Seas (Warlord Games), looking forward to Armada (Mantic Games) or playing Victory at Sea (Mongoose Publishing) then we’ve probably got something suitable for you:

Wind Rose token (acrylic: £1.25, MDF: £1.00)
8″ Ruler with 30 and 45 degree turning angles (acrylic: £2.50, MDF: £2.00)
Chaser Gun Template (acrylic: £1.25, MDF: £1.00)
Compass / Wind Direction widget (MDF: £2.50)
Anchor tokens (x5) (acrylic: £1.20)
Turning Template (for vessels on 15mm wide bases) (acrylic: £2.00, MDF: £1.50)
Turning Template (for vessels on 30mm wide bases) (acrylic: £2.00, MDF: £1.50)

As with all our acrylic items you can choose what colour you’d like them to be.

We’ve also added some 30mm wide clear acrylic bases to the site which are perfect for mounting your ships on:
30mm long (pack of 2) @ £0.50
50mm long (pack of 3) @ £0.70
70mm long (pack of 3) @ £0.90
100mm long (pack of 2) @ £0.90
125mm long (pack of 1) @ £0.60

All can be found in the Game Specific Accessories section of the Blotz website:

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