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Big Bear 3d: Mark Perry Champion’s Table

Von Big Bear 3d kommt ein Set zur Ausstattung eines Spieltisches mit Geländestücken in einem Chaos Thema.

Big Bear 3d Mark Perry Champion's Table 1 Big Bear 3d Mark Perry Champion's Table 2 Big Bear 3d Mark Perry Champion's Table 3 Big Bear 3d Mark Perry Champion's Table 4

Big Bear 3d Mark Perry Champion's Table 5 Big Bear 3d Mark Perry Champion's Table 6 Big Bear 3d Mark Perry Champion's Table 7 Big Bear 3d Mark Perry Champion's Table 8

Big Bear 3d Mark Perry Champion's Table 9 Big Bear 3d Mark Perry Champion's Table 10

Mark Perry Champion’s Table – 250,00 USD (Standard) / 800 USD (Ready for Battle)

The First Bigbear3d Champion’s Table designed with 9th edition warhammer 40k in mind by the devious master of chaos himself Mark Perry. This table is clearly corrupted by the malign forces of chaos, and is an intimidating battlefield for the forces of good and order.

The Mark Perry Champion’s table is the most versatile table design we have produced yet, its aesthetic and sets are functional for both 9th edition warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar. Many of the individual sets feature expansion parts that can be used to either expand or reduce the footprint of those sets.

This table contains the following sets:

2 Skullpit Thrones- Towering thrones for demon lords, these sets help break up line of sight on the battlefield using the new obscuring keyword rules. 9TH KEYWORDS: Area Terrain, Scaleable, Breachable, light cover, defensible, obscuring

2 Screaming Skull mountains- The Twin skull mountains of this fearsome table can hide even a mighty knight titan!  KEYWORDS: Unstable Position, Obscuring

2 Desecrated portals- With a flat base and multiple scatter additions, this dense terrain set can be used on its own or as a supplement to other sets as scatter terrain 9TH KEYWORDS: Area Terrain, Dense Cover, Breachable, Defensible, Difficult Ground

2 Gore Fields- Disgusting mires of goo, or gore, or something unpleasant, with equally unpleasant flora. 9TH KEYWORDS:Area Terrain, Light Cover, Difficult Ground

4 Corrupted Relics of Doom- Large obscuring barricades…….might not be safe to get too close though. 9TH KEYWORDS: Obstacle, Exposed Position, Obscuring,  defensible

1 Dark Blood Ritual- The Blood Ritual makes for quite the cinematic battle for the table center. 9TH KEYWORDS: Area Terrain, Dense Cover, Breachable, Defensible, Difficult Ground.

Purchase information

The Mark Perry Champion’s Table is avaible standard or „Ready for Battle“, assembled and painted by the Talented John Kuck. If  Ready for Battle is selected we will reach out for your desired paint theme. As these ship assembled and painted considerable additional packaging is necessary.

Please allow up to 45 days before shipping to ensure a quality product and to account for Covid related delay

Ready for Battle tables may require up to 90 days to ship to account for the paint schedule as well.


All BigBear3d Pro-Tables are 3d printed in sturdy PLA plastic. Tables are provided unassembled and unpainted. All sets include a large number of connector clips and caps, to connect the parts together and seal the gaps afterwards. Fat Mat is shown for display only and is not included. Models may be printed in „Light Gray“ or „Space Grey“

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Der Brückenkopf existiert seit 2002 und bietet täglich News aus dem Tabletop Hobby.

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  • Grundlegend finde ich die Idee gut, mit Turnierspielern Tische zu entwickeln, da diese oft auch bestimmte Regelungen im Kopf haben, die auf klassischen Turnieren umgesetzt werden, aber eben nicht immer im Regelbuch stehen. Der Preis ist hier aber in meinen Augen viel zu hoch.

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