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Artisans of Vaul: Saturnine Armour

Artisans of Vaul bieten schwer gepanzerte Sci-Fi-Kämpfer an.

ArtisansofVaul Saturninearmour 01 ArtisansofVaul Saturninearmour 02 ArtisansofVaul Saturninearmour 03

Although archaic in so many regards the Saturnine armour Halbar wore was almost perfectly suited to the battleground he and his squad had found themselves in. The narrow corridor of the Stratophex in the Lions Gate Spaceport made the thick armour a necessity and mitigated the battle plates lack of maneuverability. More importantly since the traitors had taken the Space Port and the five of them were waging a guerilla war behind enemy lines the fact that the Saturnine armour completely insulated all power readings from the enemy scans; the thick plasteel layers originally designed to keep the lethal energies of plasma reactors out now serving the opposite purpose. Now it was just a matter of continuing to picking the right targets, those were important enough to hamper the Traitor’s plans and could be eliminated before they could call in the position of the attack.

ArtisansofVaul Saturninearmour 04 ArtisansofVaul Saturninearmour 05 ArtisansofVaul Saturninearmour 06 ArtisansofVaul Saturninearmour 07

Im so sorry guys. I’ve spent the week trying to get the arms to cast, I’ve tried making two different breakdowns and various different support configurations and they just won’t come without significant air bubbles. That means that while I can cast the bodies I’m going to have to print the arms which drives up the cost so a unit of 5 will need to be £39 (plus postag. I was really hoping to be closer to the £35 mark, so again you have my apologies.

To be clear I can only guarantee 10 squads in terms of mold production. I hope to be able to make more but you never know with RTV rubber molds. If you’re interested drop me a message, first come first served.

I’ve included pics of the „sprue“ I have made for the arms and also one of the back of one of the terminators to show you clearly what you’ll have to deal with. Im not a professional caster so there will be some airbubbles and things you’d expect like maybe 1/2mm mould slip but it will be in places easy to fix if you’re used to FW models.

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