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Artisan Guild: April Patreon

Artisan Guild haben diesen Monat ein paar fischige Modelle. Außerdem wurde bereits bekanntgegeben welches Motto der Mai haben wird bei Artisan Guild.

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Hello guys! Another quick post 🙂
We just finshed to assemble the trailer of the next month release!
It has been really hard, we never sculpted sea creaures, but we really love to embark in these kind of challenges.
It’s now time to take these Gigabytes of Zbrush models and turn them into light STLs.

In the meantime we want to announce that we have updated the Delani Epic Boss on MyMiniFactory, and it now contains the Pre-Supported files too.
We will not offer Pre-Supported files in our shop, we are doing that only for the Epic Bosses.
If you need pre-supported files of the current or future (not past) releases, just join one of the Pre-Supported Tiers 🙂
Thanks 3dPrintingPro!

We hope you like our next release as much as we had fun sculpting these new characters!
Here some Lore in our crappy English:

6 Death-Tide Jurakins (modular)
Jurakin are the amphibious people-of-the-water. They come in different varieties, depending on where their eggs had been laid. This reflect the social status of the family and determine the stenght of the off-spring. The Low-Tide Jurakin are shorter and lunatic creatures, perfect to swarm the enemies in large numbers. The imposing and disciplined High-Tide Jurakin are smarter, but less in numbers.

King Osteras, chosen of Holmuran (modular)
The Heroic-King Osteras is the strongest and most dangerous Jurakin in the Death-Tide underwater kingdom. Lord of sea and lakes, he claim to be the chosen of Holmuran, the god of water. He seek to overwhelm the surface reigns like a tsunami, conquering cities and settlement to purge them from the unholy humans. It’s the Tide-Tyrant, who in the name of Holmuran, chose a king between the Jurakin race, granting him precious gifts like extra limbs or super powers.

Pope Blobulblà (modular)
The mad Pope Blob-Bulb, called also Blobulblà the Tide Caller by his underlings and lunatic Low-Tide Jurakin, is the highest religious authority in the Death-Tide Kingdom. He’s in charge of dark rituals and any kind of spiritual matter. Being on the first line casting Soul Spells to turn Low-Tide warriors into crazy berserkers, Jurakin Popes have usually very short careers. This normally ends with the little amphibious devouring the caster during the blood-frenzy.

Telaxia – Death-Tide Beauty (Fantasy Pinup)
The high overlord of the Sea Kurkalla, the Tide Tyrant, often grant special gifts to his victims. Telaxia, once a noble knight from the city of Rodon is one of the examples. After the death of his party, who was in charge to destroy the sea Tyrant, she has turned into a corrupted and evil mermaid, perfect to lure sailor and pirates to a certain death! It is said that Tide-Tyrant control their „gifted“ victims till their last breath.

Kurkalla the Tide-Tyrant (and Osteras mounted version)
Even if the Heroic-King is always a High Jurakin, the real mastermind behind everything is the Tide-Tyrant: a sort of extreme intelligent and manipulator aquatic creature who can live thousand of years. The most prestigious Arcanists claims that Tide Tyrants are the aquatic cousins of Tyrant-Eyes, found in the depths of the earth. Other legends says that a Tide-Tyrant is born once every few hundred years from a black Jurakin egg in unknown circumstances. This large aberration is capable to control the mind of other creatures, and provide them mutations and lesser mind powers. A Jurakin king is always provided of pecular mutations by the Tide-Tyrant. Expert says that when the King is mounting the Tide-Tyrant to lead his troops in battle, it is in fact the monstrous aberration who’s controlling the mind of the Jurakin king to impress and inspire his troops.

Death-Tide Shrine
This mysterious huge Shrine found by the fighter’s guild near the coast pulsates with a mystical aura. As Jurakins doesn’t build over the surface, this made Arcanists and Scholars thinks that in previous eras the water level was much higher and Jurakin people where territories were much more extended.

Oni Clan coming next month!


Hello guys!
This is a very special day, Andrea his hitting 31 years!
We wanted to celebrate showing to the public some work in progress!

Oni Clan, lead by Yoshigruzu, won the poll and will be the release of may.
They will be in various size and shapes! Some will be completely uncurrupted (not tainted by demons) like the leader Yoshigruzu, some of the will be on a more advanced demon shape.


In the picture „Yoshigruzu“ the Clan leader.

2 Oni Clan „Kyogin“ will be part of the crew, bodyguards of the leader Yoshigruzu!
This 2 Kyogin are basically 2 giant ogres brothers from the Oni Clan, a male and a female. This also means that we will have the first ever ogre lady!
This is also a reference to the roots of Artisan Guild. We did the male one similiar to the „ogre cousin“ on purpose, we really loved our first set.

Having 4 modular Oni of regular size, and 2 ogre size onis makes for a much more interesting composition. Considering also that one hero is yoshigruzu, one is a 2 headed Oni Kyogin Magi and still we are sketching the mount.

Senza Titolo 1

On another topic, D&D 5e hobgoblins are oriental themed, take a look at the monster manual, these could be used as proxies for them.

Thanks for your support!

Link: Artisan Guild auf Patreon


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  • So richtig verstehe ich den Hype um Artisan Guild nicht. Klar, ihre Minis zählen technisch zu den besten am Patreon Markt, aber es ist jedes Monat das selbe, nur eine andere Rasse. Kreativ ist das nicht gerade. Da gibt es weit bessere.

    • Läuft halt gut.

      Und durch die modularität kann man mit einem Monatsrelease alles abdecken was man für RPG oder ne kleinen Warband braucht abdecken.

      Interessante ander Patreons gibt es aber durch aus.

      Aus Neugier was wären deine Favoriten?

      • Monstrous Encounters: Massiver Output jedes Monat. mit 5$ dabei
        Dark Realms: SChönes Geände, in letzter Zeit HDR orientiert, mit 5$ dabei
        Comet Lord: Mal was anderes, mit 5$ dabei
        Asgard Rising: gerade gstartet, sehr schöne Minis, da warte ich noch
        Titan Forge: Hohe Qualität und viel fürs Geld, mit 10$ dabei

        Dann wären dann noch Archvillian Games, Ghamak, Castnplay, Cult Miniatures, Mini Monster Mayhem, Printed Obession & Davale bei denen ich mitmache, wenns was für mich passendes gibt.

        Wahrscheinlich hab ich noch welche vergessen. Es starten jeden Tag neue Patreons mit Potential.

      • Ja das ist das Problem es gibt einfach zu viel.
        Ich hab jetzt 6 Drucker und der Rücksstau wird irgendwie nicht kleiner….

        Titan Forge war die letzten Monate wirklich gut. Und ist weg von der Befürchtung das er nur seinen normalen Murks in digital anbietet.
        Nur das Supporten ist teilweise anstrengend. Die Amazonen Queen auf ihrem Mount ist die Arbeit alle mal Wert.

        Von den anderen hab ich teilweise schon gehört haben mich aber nicht abgeholt da ich beim Gelände eher scifi lästig bin.

        Obwohl Lost Kingdom Minitures mit ihrem KS und Patreon meiner Brieftasche schon wieder einen Dolchstoß verpasst haben 😉

      • Geschmäcker sind halt verschieden. Lost Kingdom zB gefällt mir überhaupt nicht. Aktuell bin ich noch bei Primeval Clash dabei. Schicke Dinoraiders. Und bei Ignis Quadrant. Sind halt simpel, dafür aber Supportfrei. Sky Shards ist was für 6mm Fans.

      • Comet Lord kannte ich noch nicht sieht gut aus.
        Grade auch April ist ziemlich shiny.
        Danke für den Tipp.

        Hero Sqawn hatte mich die letzten beiden Monate auch sehr begeistert.

      • Makers Cult kauf lieber die wenigen Sachen die mir gefallen lose.

        Ansonsten sind die mie wie AoM leider zu sehr an der Copyright Verletzung und finde die originale tatsächlich besser.

        Gutes Scifi Gelände gibt es auch sehr wenig. Liegt wohl daran das es da genug MDF anbieter gibt.

  • Prey Collection Studios ist auch Mal vlt einen Blick wert.
    Ich hab davon nichts selbst gedruckt, aber was man so liest, scheinen seine Unterstützer sehr zufrieden mit seinen digitalen Sculpts zu sein

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