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Antenociti’s Workshop: Neuheiten

Antenociti’s Workshop haben einige Neuheiten im Angebot.

Antenociti StripMall 01 Antenociti StripMall 02 Antenociti StripMall 03 Antenociti StripMall 04 Antenociti StripMall 05 Antenociti StripMall 06 Antenociti StripMall 07 Antenociti StripMall 08 Antenociti StripMall 09 Antenociti StripMall 10 Antenociti StripMall 11 Antenociti StripMall 12 Antenociti StripMall 13 Antenociti StripMall 14 Antenociti StripMall 15 Antenociti StripMall 16 Antenociti StripMall 17 Antenociti StripMall 18 Antenociti StripMall 19 Antenociti StripMall 20

About time that our Survival range got some new buildings. May I present our Strip Mall buildings. Four similar but different buildings to fill out a modern or zombie apocalypse board. Place them separately, or place them side by side to create a strip mall or high street.
There is ‚Brewed Awakening‘ : a coffee shop, ‚Pizza The Action‘ : a pizzeria, ‚Jack The Clipper‘ : a barbershop and ‚Flinn’s Arcade‘ : an arcade and pinball gaming shop.
Each of these buildings have different, highly detailed insides, complete with furniture. Fridges,ovens and serving hatch for Pizza The Action, pinball machines for Flinn’s Arcade etc.
Each building has a clean or dirty sign, and broken or unbroken windows, so you can tailor the building to how ruined or normal your board is, though we’ve only shown the dirty signs and smashed windows here.
These are pre-painted MDF buildings, at only £25 each, or buy together as a bundle for a £20 saving.

Antenociti HoloDesks 01 Antenociti HoloDesks 02

Holo-Desks, Designed For Infinity. A set of 6 resin and acrylic computer desks designed to fit inside and give some life to Infinity buildings. The fluorescent acrylic provided will be random colours.

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