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Alternative Armies: Neuheiten

Alternative Armies haben im Verlauf der letzten Wochen einige Neuheiten in diversen Maßstäben zu ihrem Shop hinzugefügt.

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New miniatures in the Sengoku 15mm range! Singles and a pack. Kitsune! Sculpted by John Bell. Click through. Use in any game system including Monster Hunter. Winter Mega Event is on with fifteen percent off in cart and free Ice Queen during November. Thanks. GBS

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Float on in blasting or bring in the heavy guns with new 15mm Grey Alien packs in the HOF Range. Portable Weapon comes with five weapon options and grav skimmer has two separate crew. Fifty poses of wee grey dudes now and expanding. Here they are fighting Security Force Alpha. Winter Mega Event is on until end of November, 15% off at checkout on all orders. Thanks! GBS

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I want my Mummy! Sorry…no but now you can have our Mummies! New in 15mm scale a pack of sixteen or sampler of the four poses. Great for so many systems and armies plus of course foes in tomb or dungeon crawls. All orders this month get 15% off at checkout automatically. Thanks! GBS

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If you have a Dogman force in Flintloque or Slaughterloo this new generic mounted marshal is for you. Create your own character and have him lead. Click through for more. Until the end of the month you get 15% off at checkout plus free Ice Queen miniature and cumulative discount of 30% off divisions for Slaughterloo. Thanks. GBS

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New 15mm Landsknects released armed with 2H Sword, Halberd, Crossbow, Arquebus great for any system including Furioso. Now 170 poses in the range and continuing to expand. With coin you can have these new troops from Alternative Armies. Until end of November 15% off all orders at checkout automatically. Thanks. GBS https://bit.ly/36zaD52 & https://bit.ly/2Uwsh3X

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New release for Kitton! Four Ashigaru Archer catfolk added to the growing range of Samurai, Ronin and Villagers oh plus the Giant Oni at 100mm tall. Check these unique 28mm miniatures out. Packs and Singles. Winter Mega Event is on meaning 15% off all orders during checkout and free miniature. Thanks. GBS

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