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Alternative Armies: Neuheiten

Alternative Armies zeigt Neuheiten bzw. wieder erhältliche Figuren.

Alternative Armies Mullo2 Alternative Armies Mullo3 Alternative Armies Mullo4 Alternative Armies Mullo5

Alternative Armies – Mullo – 15mm

Mullo AFV’s in production and stock! It has taken a month or so but they are back! Tracked, Repulsar and Wheeled each with three different turret load outs included. From The Ion Age. Also three APC troop carrier variants too. New pictures on website and game rules are in Callsign Taranis expansion to Patrol Angis. Pictured with 15mm Cold Climes Planetary Militia IAFP11. Plus deal on the price until months end. Thank you. GBS
Alternative Armies Mullo6 Alternative Armies Mullo7 Alternative Armies Mullo1

Alternative Armies – Major Giglamps – 28mm

Giggers is here! For Flintloque and Slaughterloo with free two page article. Foot and mounted Orc character officer from the mind of Mr Bob Minadeo. Now released and great for your Orc Dragoons in the dust of Cataclucia. Click through for more and to download. GBS
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