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AK Interactive: Desert Fox

AK Interactive hat eine neue  Großfigur in 1:10 im Angebot: den Desert Fox. Sie ist die erste einer Reihe von Figuren aus einer neuen Serie.

AK Interactive Desert Fox AK Interactive Desert Fox2 AK Interactive Desert Fox3 AK Interactive Desert Fox4 AK Interactive Desert Fox5

AK Interactive – Desert Fox

After a lot of work, time and effort … it is here !!! More than half a year ago the boss and I began to talk about something that we were both very excited about, bringing out a brand of historical figures of our own and today we see the first of many in the light. We think that although there are many brands that make good figures, we could touch this theme by giving it another air, making figures that have not been seen yet and that tell us a story. I am very proud of what the team we have formed are doing and I hope you like it. This first bust represents a New Zealand soldier in North Africa during WWII. Our protagonist carries a cub from “Desert Fox”, which gives the scene its name ”, and winks at the nickname of Romel. It is a 1:10 scale bust made of high quality resin, the lace is perfect and the modeling is really very good. This is the first of my children and of course … Box art …. All with new AK Interactive acrilics colors. I had to do it. I hope you like it because also the price is really competitive.

Quelle:  AK Interactive FB

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