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A Song of Ice and Fire: Haus Greyjoy

Haus Greyjoy hat zuletzt weitere Infos spendiert bekommen.

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy 1

Tactics of the Iron Fleet

Bannermen! We continue our look into the upcoming House Greyjoy faction for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, and today we shall be taking a deep dive into the Tactics Cards available to the raiders of the Iron Islands!

We’ve previously looked at the overall Basics of the Faction, as well as explored a number of their Combat Units in previous articles, so today we are going to supplement that by highlighting just what Tactics the Greyjoys bring to thebattlefield.

Like all factions, the Greyjoys share seven common Tactics Cards in their basic deck, with an additional six being added based on your choice of Commander. Each Commander has a unique play-style they add, so they can radically change how your army plays, but regardless of that choice, some key fundamentals always remain, represented by these core seven cards. In addition, most Factions also feature a focus on key zones on the Tactics Board – Greyjoys are not exception, having a focus on the Combat Zone and the Wealth Zone, both representing their raiding heritage, as well as their key faction traits of aggression and restoration. You’ll notice, however, that when it comes to Wealth, a number of Greyjoy effects actually revolve around an opponent controlling this zone, which puts foes in a dangerous situation-claim the zone and make themselves a bigger target, or avoid it and allow the Greyjoys to reap its benefits!

With that, let’s take a look at each of them and give a little insight into how best to utilize them:

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy 2 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy 2 1


The Greyjoys always want to be on the offense, and this card allows them to Attack when other options might be denied to them. Additionally, should the opponent have taken Wealth, it also allows the targeted unit to restore some of their lost numbers, potentially bringing them back into the fight!


Showcasing the resilience of the faction, this card can save a unit from destruction – at a cost however. Pledging oneself to the tenants of the Drowned God, the unit must constantly attack, otherwise its resolve will falter, and it may find itself destroyed.


An excellent example of the “no good option” choices that Greyjoys can place on their opponent, this card gets exponentially more powerful based on Claimed zones on the Tactics Board – whether they be claimed by friendly units or enemy!


We mentioned that Pillage was a central mechanic to the Greyjoys, and this car exemplifies that by giving them an alternative use, whether it be restoring Wounds or gaining combat buffs. Of course, Pillage tokens can be hard-won, so trading them for buffs might be a risky choice; you must be sure you’ll be able to regain them should you utilize them!


Raiders never fight fair, and they love having an advantage. Finger Dance makes it so that, as long as the Greyjoys are winning the fight (or at the worst “not losing” it) they gain buffs. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword, as should the enemy gain the upper hand the Greyjoys will suffer for it.


There is a high incentive to keep select units alive as you’re playing – The strong become stronger and the weak become weaker. Of course, you might not always be able to directly control which units live or die. Raiding Call alleviates some of that stress by allowing you to shift Wounds across your units. Should any player control the Wealth Zone, it also acts as a quick method of gaining Pillage Tokens.


Furthering the theme of restoration, this blessing from the Drowned God rewards Greyjoys for doing what they do best: Killing their enemies. With this card, you can play a bit more recklessly in your aggression, since you’ll have a nasty trick to restore any Wounds lost by counterattacks-assuming you properly dispatched your foes, that is!

Captains of the Iron Fleet

Bannermen! Today we shall take a look into the various Commander options available to House Greyjoy!

If you haven’t had a chance to read over our previous articles, we suggest you do so before continuing:

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s jump right into some of the various Commanders.

The release of House Greyjoy will feature not only their Starter Box, containing Asha and Victarion Greyjoy, but also their Hero Box #1, which adds numerous additional choices to your army. Today, we shall be taking a look into Asha, Victarion, and Balon:

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy 3


We’ve previously spoken about how the weakness of the Greyjoys is their poor Morale Stat values. Asha is an example of how a charismatic leader can make all the difference. With her Commander Attachment she works to boost the Morale of all those around her, bringing them to not just average levels but a staggering 5+! This means thatyou’ll want to put her in a good bunker unit, since she needs to be directly in the fight to make the most of her aura ability (We suggest Ironmakers for this role).

When it comes to Tactics Cards, Asha continues to play off the Morale boosts she gives. Ironborn Mettle allows a unit to restore Wounds upon a successful Morale Test (such as a Panic Test from being Attacked), while War Cry confers both Panicked and Vulnerable on enemies. Combine both to drastically turn the tables on an opponent when your own unit suddenly heals itself up while simultaneously causing penalties to their targets!

Finally, Raider Bravery rewards a unit for passing their test as well, though unlike Ironborn Mettle, it replaces restoration with raw combat aggression. Combine these tools with Asha’s build-in Morale buffs to make a surprisingly resilient Greyjoy army.

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy 4


For those who prefer slaughtering their foes rather than buffing their own units, you have the option to field Victarion. There isn’t really anything subtle about Victarion or his tactics – he’s just here to kill things and he does it well. His Commander Attachment allows a unit to continue their onslaught by charging into another enemy upon destroying their target and grants the additional benefit of making anyone they charge Vulnerable as well.

His Tactics Cards are all based around this same principle: Rush of Aggression makes it so his charges become guaranteed, as well as gain additional benefits. Of course, this comes at the cost of making your own unit Vulnerable after the fact, but such is the price for such a powerful effect. Assault Orders means that you will always have an option to Attack, especially noting that Greyjoys already have access to a similar effect from their Generic Tactic Card We Do Not Sow. Truly, running Victarion can allow an army to push out a staggering number of Attack Actions.

Rounding out Victarion’s Tactics is Sustained Assault, giving him an option in case his units find themselves where they don’t want to be: a prolonged and protracted combat. While the Greyjoys do have a number of ways to restore themselves, they areone of the most fragile factions when it comes to lasting engagements. Sustained Assault helps mitigate that when Victarion is your Commander.

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy 5


For those preferring a more pragmatic approach to winning, Balon brings that specific play-style to the tabletop. Balon views everything at his disposal as an asset to achieve victory, and his troops arenot excluded from that fact. While an inspirational leader in his own right, Balon is not one to rally men behind him, but rather adheres to the Old Ways, favoring examples of might over talk. With his Commander Attachment, this is shown via his Iron Resolve Ability, which boosts the Morale of his own unit, while Fueled by Slaughter shows his ruthless nature.

The first of his Tactics Cards, Acceptable Sacrifices, immediately demonstrates Balon’s views when it comes to his own troops: Sometimes one must be sacrificed for the greater victory. Greyjoy Combat Units are fragile by nature unless properly supported. Understanding that, eventually they will all fall, why not take advantage of that? By sacrificing one unit, the rest of your army can be bolstered tremendously.

Balon does not tolerate failure, however, and Price of Failure demonstrates this by giving him one of the best offensive cards available, ensuring that your unit can push out damage when needed. Yes, they will hurt themselves in the process, butwhat are a few wounds compared to winning?

The Old Ways ties Balon to the Pillage mechanic seen prominently with Greyjoys, giving them two distinct functions in allowing a unit to re-roll Morale Tests or Attack Dice. Pillage tokens are a valuable commodity though, so careful consideration must be given to using them… Assuming that you haven’t thrown down an Acceptable Sacrifices on a unit to recoup those loses!

And with that we will conclude our look into some of the Commanders arriving with the release of House Greyjoy. Don’t think that these are the only options that will be available at launch, however. Many other prominent characters will rise to lead the Kraken Armies, such as Euron Greyjoy, Erik Ironmaker, and even the likes of Theon Greyjoy as well!

Raiders of the Iron Islands

Bannermen of the Kraken, this is the second article in our series highlighting the upcoming House Greyjoy faction for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, and today we will take a closer look at some of Combat Units available to the Kraken!

CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy 6 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy 7 CMoN A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy 8


We are the ironborn, and once we were conquerors. Our writ ran everywhere the sound of the waves was heard.” – Euron Greyjoy

Greyjoy units favor aggression and getting the jump on their opponents. To aid in this, they often bring the unique Pillage mechanic to the table: as Greyjoy Combat Units destroy enemy ranks, they will begin to collect Pillage tokens. Each unit makes use of these tokens in various ways to enhance their combat capabilities, ranging from the standard Ironborn Raiders, who enjoy a +1 to Hit for each amassed Pillage Token, to the fearsome House Harlaw Reapers, whose ability to sow terror across the battlefield is only heightened as the killing commences. The longer a unit remains in the fight, and the more they devastate their foes, the stronger they will become-such is the way of the Kraken!

Of course, gaining fantastic buffs based on striking down foes doesn’t mean much if you’re just as easily slain! To aid in their fight, House Greyjoy also has a great number of boons and restorative effects spread across numerous Attachments as well as Tactics Cards… But we will cover those in due time…


“Do you want to die old and craven in your bed?” – Asha Greyjoy

Unfortunately, while the Greyjoys enjoy several offensive and tactical tricks, a key weakness across the faction is a less than impressive Morale Stat average… It turns out that raiders only loyal to power and plunder don’t make for the most loyal soldiers. This, combined with fact that, as raiders with a focus on shock-tactics, most Greyjoy combat units also have poor Defense Saves as well (with some notable exceptions, such as the juggernauts that are the Ironmakers). Fear not though, as previously mentioned, what they lack in Defense and Morale, the Greyjoys make up for in restorative effects-so while casualties might be high, there are always those willing to make up the difference when greater promises of loot and plunder are offered! This can be seen in the Warsworn Attachment, who allows their unit to restore casualties to their ranks-as long as they keep killing!


Wizards may be well and good, but blood and steel win wars.” – Victarion Greyjoy

While all the Great Houses of Westeros implement certain levels of intrigue and subterfuge to win their conflicts, the Ironborn are noteworthy in their more savage usage of such methods. Not above underhanded tactics, House Greyjoy incorporates a number of sneaky methods to strike enemies where they are most vulnerable. Examples of this can be seen with the Reaver Captain Attachment, which allows a unit to Outflank their foes, deploying in unexpected locations across the battlefield. No matter what strategy your opponent has concocted, the Greyjoys will prove to have dastardly tools to undermine their effects!

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  • Ich habe mir die Baratheon Starterkiste unter den Baum gelegt und bemale die Minis gerade. Tolle Designs und auch sonst kann ich mich nur wiederholen: Ein sehr gutes System, dass leider auf Grund sehr miesen Verfügbarkeit in Europa leider nicht die Beachtung erfahren kann, die es eigentlich verdient.

    Auf Heus Graufreud bzw. Greyjoy freue ich mich auch schon. Aber wann wir das bei uns erhalten steht echt in den Sternen. Haus Targaryen – also Team Danny – ist bspw. in den USA fast schon ein Jahr raus, aber immer noch nicht bei uns angekommen.

    • Doch, Targaryan bekommste hier auch schon seit na ganzen Weile.
      Klar, nicht so lang wie in den USA, aber kann man hier kaufen… leider eben blöde Verfügbarkeit.

      Hat eigentlich schonmal jemand Asmodee bezgl. der Situation angeschrieben, was die dazu zu sagen haben?
      Ich kenne keine Firma, die freiwillig auf mehr Umsatz verzichten würde. Irgend einen Grund muss es doch geben, warum das hier so besch****…eiden läuft.

      • Asmodee ist da generell schlecht was das anbelangt, nicht nur bei ASoIaF.

        Die Spiele bestehen ja meist aus unterschiedlichen Komponenten die bei verschiedenen Firmen bestellt werden müssen und jeweils ihre Mindestabnahmemengen und gestaffelte Rabatte haben.

        Mit so Bestellungen von 5.000 bis 20.000 mal die Figuren bist stehst du da beim Fabrikateur ganz hinten an.

        Da kommen ja andere Firmen, die hätten gerne dieses Kinderspielzeug 200.000 Mal, oder jenes Gehäuse, sagen wir für eine Fernbedienung, 130.000 Mal.

        Da wartest einfach mal 6 Monate. Gerade in Hong Kong musst du vor Ort jemanden haben der live Ar***tritte verteilt, am Telefon lügen die einen oft schlichtweg beschwichtigend an.
        „Oh, ja natürlich, machen wir. Ja sorry, sorry. Next week!“

        Wenn es dann soweit ist muss es auch irgendwie koordiniert werden. Eben das Zeug zusammengeführt, verpackt und versendet.

        Einfach irgendwo rumliegen brauchste ja Platz und Personal, kostet eben auch alles.

        Asmodee ist seit jeher was das ganze anbelangt einfach nicht gut organisiert. Denke denen fehlt gutes entscheidungswilliges Personal das auch ein paar ordentliche Befugnisse hat.
        Bisher ordern die einfach alles in relativ geringen Mengen. So wird alles verkauft und es gibt keine Rüge von oben.

        Das sind eben alles Probleme die man erstmal nicht mit berücksichtigt wenn man in Asien produziert.

        Kenne da jemanden von einem mittelständischem Elektromechanik-Unternehmen.
        Der sollte das übernehmen, 2 oder 3 Mal nach Hong Kong rüber und das leiten.
        Der hielt sich erstmal für ganz toll und wichtig bis er gemerkt hat dass es bei denen einfach ganz anders läuft als bei uns 🙂
        Mittlerweile hat er einfach die Firma gewechselt, war dem Druck nicht gewachsen.
        Da muss erstmal ein neuer für gefunden werden der dass dann auch wirklich kann.

        Für uns Spieler dann natürlich doof. Gerade wenn man etwas leicht älteres vergriffenes noch braucht.

      • Hm, kann ich soweit nachvollziehen.
        Ich frag mich nur, warum das überall so zu sein scheint.
        Ich hab auch schon in US shops geschaut, aber da sieht es irgendwie auch nicht besser aus.
        Dachte da wird das ganze von CMON direkt übernommen oder vertuh ich mich da?

      • Versteh mich nicht falsch Zura, hier hast du eine allgemeine Antwort ohne groß Details über Personal etc. von Asmodee und CMON zu kennen.

        Das hier sind sehr allgemeine Probleme die ich etwa beim Projekt Pandora (Linux Laptop Gameboy hybrid) oder bei zumindest einem Konzern live beobachten konnte.

        Mir geht es vor allem um folgende Problematik:

        a) einfach in China machen lassen ist alles, nur nicht einfach. Da entstehen Probleme auf die man gar nicht erst kommt als Deutscher. Natürlich gibts auch Vorteile, etwa Dokumentation für den Fiskus ist z.B. gerade in Deutschland aufwendig ohne Ende

        b) Hier greift das typische Phänomen vieler Firmen, Entscheidungen treffen ist scheiße.
        Wenn alles glatt läuft gibt es kein Lob, damit wird gerechnet. Das dafür Florian S. verantwortlich war weil der sich super auskennt, vorausdenkt, etc. das merkt keiner. Erst wenn der Weg ist und alles brennt merkt die Firma was sie an ihm hatte.
        UMGEKEHRT, wenn es schief läuft, dann steht da der Name von Florian S. drauf. Kann praktisch in Kündigung enden.

        Zu Asmodee generell:

        Die bauen gerne Scheiße.
        Etwa bei Star Wars X-Wing und Star Wars Legion, die haben praktisch DEN Typen (Community Manager) schlechthin der die Regeln schreibt und die Spiele ständig ausbalanciert gekündigt. Von heute auf morgen. Beide Communities völlig empört. Nächsten updates können doch nur schlechter werden.

        Das halt so typische kurzfristige Entscheidungen aus der Firmenverwaltung. Reines BWL ohne langfristig mitzudenken.

        Zumindest ist das die Vermutung von außen, ich kann natürlich auch nicht wissen ob der Typ jetzt etwa ein totaler Pfosten innerhalb der Firma war mit mehreren Anschuldigungen der Belästigung.
        Möglich ist alles.

        Chancen stehen aber gut, aufgrund der Summe an eher stümperhaften Entscheidungen, dass die da ein paar Torfköpfe drüben bei denen haben die schlechte reine BWL-Entscheidungen treffen die alle echtes Wachstum etc. verhindern.

        Die nächsten 2 Jahre sind eben die große Gelegenheit gerade ASoIaF richtig wachsen zu lassen.
        Großes Netz an vielen vielen Spielern, Europa/Australien/USA. Viele Turniere, vernünftige App, gute Releasepolitik…

        Wenn die das richtig machen wird das hier größer als WHFB je war.

        Meine Prognose beim aktuellen Kurs:

        Nachschub u.Ä. weiter tröpfelnd, Spiel wird nie wirklich groß, bleibt unter X-Wing 2.0
        Defakto tot in 6 Jahren.

        Hoffen tu ich aber schon 😉

  • Sehr deutliche Posenarmut- das gleiche Problem wie bei vielen anderen Herstellern auch.

    Verfügbarkeit…hmm…mein lokaler Anbieter hat ein sehr grosses und gut sortiertes Eckchen ASoIaF…

    • Wie soll man die denn noch posieren?
      Die Auswahl an menschlichen Haltungen ist ja doch irgendwo beschränkt, besonders wenn sie noch den gewünschten Ausdruck prägen sollen. Im Grunde gibt es doch keine Pose, die man nicht irgendwo schonmal gesehen hat. Bilder haben im Gegensatz dazu noch die Perspektive zur Auswahl.

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