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Zealot: Minotaur Juggernaut

Zealot Miniatures sind nach technischen Problemen zurück und gehen mit einem dicken Brocken zurück an den Start.

Zealot MinotaurJuggernaut

Minotaur Juggernaut – 20,00 GBP

The Juggernaut Minotaur is a line-breaker, capable of smashing through even the most study ranks of troops or fortification. Armed with punch blades, siege fist and it’s goring horns. In front of this beast it not where you want to be, when it gets up to a charge!

One Juggernaut Minotaur.
Standing approx 55mm tall and supplied with a choice of round or square plain plastic bases, selected below.
Various size scenic bases (in this photo) are available elsewhere in the store.

This collector’s miniature is cast in quality PU Resin and requires assembly with ’superglue‘ and in some cases, clean up of the gates or other areas will be needed before assembly and painting.

This is not a toy and is not recommended for unsupervised children under the age of 8.
Sculpted by Alexei Popovici

Und zu der Sache mit den technischen Problemen steht auch was auf Facebook:

„Charging back into my DMs like: “ http://zealotminiatures.com/zealot-shop/…

In case you missed it. We have had no Internet connection for 3 months 😒 thanks BT! But now the Internet is back, phone line is back – and they offered us £180 compensation for 3 months of downtime – … Worst … deal.. ever! 😅

So anyway, a lot of emails and DMs to catch up on. Website contact form is so backlogged, please, if it is urgent, send a FB or twitter message as there are under 100 of those at least 😛 rather than 1000…

Kickstarter wave 1 dispatch is done aside from metal backers, late backers and 8 people with scenery bundles. Which we are all working on now. Wave 2 master casting has started too, some pics coming soon!

Order dispatch is pretty much caught up again. We have an average of 5 days lead time on picking and posting orders at the moment 😃

Oh and this charming new minotaur is in store today Only took a few months, the speed we are moving at the moment!! And I think it is the most dynamic one yet! We have two more minotaurs to release this year too. Watch this space 😁

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  • Da haben mir die ersten Minotauren besser gefallen. Die haben „realistischer“ gewirkt. Der ist oben herum zu breit und wirkt daher etwas mehr „Warcraft-isch“ als die anderen Figuren aus der Serie

  • Mir haben die ersten Minotauren extrem gut gefallen.
    Aber bis ich sie entdeckt hatte, waren sie leider schon ausverkauft.

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