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Verge of War: Kickstarter läuft

Piraten, Panzer, Aliens, Dinosaurier und gottgleiche Engelswesen – hier ist für jeden was dabei!

Welcome to Verge of War Universe!

VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 1

Welcome aboard, mateys! Join us as we set course to the not so distant future, year 2232.

Our second Kickstarter campaign seeks to bring two new factions to your tabletops and collections: the  Space Pirates and the godlike Asgars.

Verge Of War: a scalable and balanced miniatures wargame with RPG elements, representing planetary battles in the original Sci-Fi Universe.  About Human and Seit Factions you can read here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1560931765/verge-of-war/description  or on our website  www.vergeofwar.com  in Lore section

Das sind die Pledges:

VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 5 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 6 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 7 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 8

VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 9

VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 10 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 11 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 12

Zu den Modellen gibt es auch ein deutlich posierbareres Set, bei dem die Minis aus zahlreichen Einzelteilen bestehen

VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 13 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 14 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 15

Eines der blanken Modelle:

VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 16

  • “Verge Of War” is a classical wargame with RPG elements.
  • The system is highly scalable, allowing to play both skirmishes and epic battles if players have armies of corresponding sizes.
  • The game uses six-sided dice (or D6), markers, cards and tokens.
  •  A typical game is very dynamic, consists of 6 game rounds and takes about 40-120 minutes depending on the size of the armies.
  •  You won’t just stand and watch during your opponent’s turn! You can react to nearly anything they do.
  • The mechanics of “Verge of War” are easy to learn, but there is a lot of strategy involved in its confrontations. Players will have to think carefully: before the battle begins, a player chooses skills for the army commander from three skill sets representing different strategies, doctrines or military specialties. Each set is divided into 10 levels, which reflect the experience and expertise of your commander.
  •  Players can explore different strategies to find the one that best fits their play style.
  •  The game is well-balanced: it allows to use any combinations of units and win if you apply the right tactics.
  •  The Free Pose Technology allows unlimited variants of poses for your models. One set provides endless pose options for your characters.
  •  Participate in the Verge of War universe development.

VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 17 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 18

Es gibt inzwischen auch diverse Dokumente zum Download:


YEAR 2232. Four years passed since the first clash of the Human Empire and the Seit Dominion… And the Galaxy changed. Forever.

Greedy, ambitious and cunning humans joined Pirate Warbands and turned them into a bane of galactic routes. Their raider fleets have become a threat that only the greatest states are able to counter.


irates are by no means a unified faction. They’re as far from a regular army as one can get, and still they definitely are a bane of the Galaxy. Reasons for becoming a pirate are as numerous as pirates themselves. Some are exiles, some want to prove something, some are led by simple greed. Different gangs may have different motives, but they are still what they are: groups of criminals, ready to gather under a strong leader and try their luck.

Pirates are quite an irregular bunch, but still they have to gather at secret bases or outposts to plan massed operations, repair ships and sell stolen goods.

  •  Thirunga Port: mostly famous for piracy on trade routes.
  •  Zarzarah Port: the most violent fellowship out there. Plunderers, kidnappers and slavers that aren’t above anything.
  •  Ranghera Port: the biggest slaver guild.
  •  Almara Port: mercenaries, offering their services to anyone able to pay.

VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 19 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 20

Weitere Infos zu den Fraktionen gibt es direkt auf der Kickstarterseite.

Das sind die Stretch Goals:

VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 21 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 22 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 23 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 24 VOW Verge Of War Kickstarter 25

Videos gibt es auch:

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 10 Tage.

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