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Vanguard Miniatures: Wyvern Light Dropship

Vanguard Miniatures haben jetzt ihr neues Wyvern Light Dropship in ihrem Shop.

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The Wyvern light dropship serves a complementary role to its larger cousin the Eagle as an orbital insertion troop and equipment lander, enabling Novan Elite forces to rapidly establish a deployable beachhead within the chosen target zone. While the Wyvern cannot match the Eagle in total transport capacity, its higher top speed, smaller size and integrated vectored thrusters make the Wyvern perfect for maneuvering in confined landing zones and urban environments. These traits, combined with the Wyvern’s flexible, modular design make them ideal for deploying a variety of small fire teams to key battlefield locations.

Two variants currently serve with the Novan Elites forces:

Wyvern A is a dedicated troop carrier.

Wyvern B replaces the passenger bay in favour of an open cargo bay and attachment claw assemble with magnetic locking points for various cargo modules.


This set contains the parts to make one Wyvern dropship model, either the troop carrier or cargo module hauler variant.

Model approximate dimensions: Length = 50mm, Wingspan = 52mm, Height = 12mm.

Please note that this model can only be built in flight mode and that we will look at the potential for a landed version should demand require it.

Flight stand included.

This is a multi-part resin casting.

Preis: 10.00 GBP


Quelle: Vanguard Miniatures


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