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Spellcrow: Neue Goblins

Bei Spellcrow gibt es zwei Neuzugänge bei den Goblins.

Spellcrow GoblinwithCrossbow

Goblin with Crossbow – 5,60 GBP


Goblin with Bow – 5,60 GBP

Spellcrow MagicUmbraTurrisSupplement

Magic – Umbra Turris Supplement – 8,80 GBP

„In the ancient city of Umbra Turris, evil awakens, and whispers of long forgotten dark gods drift on the wind. The city is magnificent by day, but darkness unleashes nightmares. A time of change is at hand…“

Gain mystical knowledge
Strike enemies with powerful relics, call the forces of nature and use dirty tricks. Support your party with ancient and horrible magic staffs, and use cursed items that will blow your enemy off the table!

Magic is the essential supplement to fully enjoy the Umbra Turris game!


  • 18 Item Cards
  • 2 resin miniatures – Owl and Spawn of Magic

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