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Sarissa: Residenz des Botschafters

Sarissa hat mit der befestigten Residenz des Botschafters ein neues Geländestück für Modern oder Near Future Spielsysteme im Programm.

Sarissa Walled Ambassador's Residence Set Sarissa Walled Ambassador's Residence Set2 Sarissa Walled Ambassador's Residence Set3 Sarissa Walled Ambassador's Residence Set4 Sarissa Walled Ambassador's Residence Set5

Sarissa – Walled Ambassador’s Residence Set (28mm) – 50,00 GBP (Komponenten auch einzeln erhältlich)

In volatile countries, most embassies are surrounded by high walls and guarded by heavily armed soldiers. They are far from open and inviting spaces. The embassy architecture symbolises in physical form the tension in the function of diplomacy as well as tensions in global politics.

Faced with the paradox of needing to engage while maintaining security, these buildings represent the diplomacy which cannot be done in the local streets, bars, and bazaars because of security risks.

The new Walled Ambassadors Rersisence set makes an excellent addition to any wargame or RPG with a modern, superhero or post-apocalyptic theme. This kit perfectly complements other kits in our Retail/Modern 28mm rangesuch as the Secure Compound Scenery Set, Warehouse, Helipad and Water Storage Tank kits but also could be used with our Colonial / North African Setsso the Middle East and Southeast Asia

Quelle: Sarissa Precision

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