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Perry Miniatures: Camp Scenes

Mal was anderes von den Perrys: Sets um das britische Lagerleben während des Krieges auf der iberischen Halbinsel.

Perrys Camp Scenes Perrys Camp Scenes2 Perrys Camp Scenes3 Perrys Camp Scenes4 Perrys Camp Scenes5

British Peninsular War camp scenes

We have something a little different for Napoleonic collectors; five camp scenes from the Peninsular War. Alan started to make these over the Chrismas break and got a bit carried away! Many of the infantry where the pre-1812 regulation fatigue cap. There were many regimental variants at this time, although this type was worn by at least the 10th and 11th regiments. You’ll see the donkey rider has adopted the Iberian way of riding a donkey; sitting far back on it’s hunches. Thanks to Rob McFarlane for making the campaign chests and John Morris for his stunning painting!

British Napoleonic Army 1800-15
28mm metal figures designed by Alan Perry

BH 142 Peninsular War camp scene 1. British Infantry standing down, plus sentry.
BH 143 Peninsular War Camp scene 2. Surgeon extracting tooth with onlookers.
BH 144 Peninsular War Camp scene 3. Cooking.
BH 145 Peninsular War Camp scene 4. Carousing with the Spanish
BH 146 Peninsular War Camp scene 5. Loading up a baggage donkey plus infantry donkey transport

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