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Osprey Publishing: Men of Bronze

Neu bei Osprey: Men of Bronze – ein Regelwerk für Schlachten zwischen Hopliten.

Osprey Men Of Bronze

Osprey Publishing: Men of Bronze – 12,99 GBP


  • Author: Eric Farrington
  • Short code: OWG 24

Men of Bronze is a wargame that allows you to play out Classical Greek hoplite battles on the tabletop. Players are Strategoi (generals) leading phalanxes of bronze-clad warriors in pursuit of fame, glory, and the honor of their city-states. To win such prizes, however, you must prove your mettle, display your valor, and bring the other Strategoi to their knees!

Designed to recreate small battles or larger skirmishes with 50-80 figures per side, each army will have its own unique mix of rules, advantages, backgrounds, and abilities. Strategoi must understand and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of their forces in order to win glory on the battlefield. Of course, there’s no telling what tricks a rival Strategos might have up their tunic sleeves…

Link: Osprey

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