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Legends of Signum: Dragon Hunters Kickstarter

Ein neues Spiel im Legends of Signum Universum wird auf Kickstarter finanziert.

„Dragon Hunters“ is a two-player tabletop wargame in the „Legends of Signum“ world. The game includes additional single player and four-player game modes.

 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 2

„Dragon Hunters“ is a game where three reckless heroes – an avenging amazon, a warlike half-orc, and an intrepid mage explorer face a deadly and terrifying dragon with treasure hidden within its lair. The Dragon is not the only opponent, as the hunters‘ greed and thirst for glory can ruin a well-executed plan. You will decide who will be the lucky hunter to receive the treasure, and who will fall while facing the dragon – and don’t forget about the dragon itself, who will do everything in its power to destroy the intruders and derail your strategy.

Hunters have a great many skills and weapons at their disposal, such as numerous poisons and traps, tactics, tricks, and legendary armor, mighty swords, and ancient powerful artifacts! As they confront a dangerous and armored beast from ancient myth – Paraxis the Ruthless, also known as Scarlet Death, whose power and fury have no bounds! This dragon will not stop until it destroys everyone who dared to invade its lair! Fangs, claws, and wings are the dragon’s usual weapons of choice, but Paraxis is also an ancient and terrible beast – creating illusions, burning its enemies, and summoning faithful dragon whelps to aid it in battle.

Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 3

Das sind die Pledges:

Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 4 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 5 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 6

Der Maßstab der Modelle:

Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 7

Und natürlich Stretch Goals!

Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 8 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 9 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 10 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 11 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 12


Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 13

“Dragon Hunters” is an independent game based on the “Legends of Signum” skirmish-game mechanics. Alternate character cards as well as miniatures of the Dragon and all the hunters can be used as mercenaries in “Legends of Signum”.

If you still haven’t purchased your army – this is your best chance to collect a squad with a hero and characters from “Legends of Signum: Battle for Vallor” set. Just choose your faction, one of two available heroes and one of the three orders or guilds. Depending on the faction, you will receive a squad of 7 Vallor or Imperial soldiers in addition to your hero.

Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 14 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 15

Legends of Signum is a skirmish wargame where fight the squads led by the heroes. As the events unfold on the Battlefield, the players build their own Cities which help them recruit characters, use spells and relics and employ cunning tactics. With the numerous factions and diverse strategies, each game is really unique.

Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 16 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 17 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 18 Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 19

“Dragon Hunters” has been in development since 2018.  It is based on the well-known skirmish wargame “Legends of Signum” game mechanics, but unlike “Legends of Signum”, we have focused our efforts on game balance related to a new game format and creating new mechanics. The game rules will be familiar to everyone who has played “Legends of Signum”, but we made them even more intuitive for new players.

To date, we have held plenty of test games with all possible game combinations in every game mode in order to be sure that we release a balanced and re-playable game that will be enjoyable whether you’re playing together with your friends or alone against the dragon itself! All miniatures featured in the game have been created by our experienced professionals, whose works are in demand among miniature collectors around the globe.

Our miniatures are cast from a high-quality resin that allows us to achieve the highest level of detail. This approach makes the miniatures a great choice both for tabletop players and demanding collectors. Every miniature in “Dragon Hunters” will be created by our own production staff allowing us to guarantee the quality of the finished product.

Single Player Mode

“Dragon Hunters” has a solo-mode for one player. In this mode the player will always be playing on the Hunters side, trying to confront the Dragon itself.
The player draws cards, searches for Gold and performs any other actions as per the standard 2 player mode. The Dragon performs actions according to the text on the Event Cards, which are drawn in a random order.  To achieve victory, the Hunters have to eliminate the Dragon.
We have developed a mobile app for Android (iOS version is currently under development) in order to make the solo mode game more intuitive and enjoyable.

Four Player Game Mode
A cooperative four-player game mode which turns the game into an epic battle where each Hunter fights not only against a an impossibly large and terrifying beast but also their own interests as  they might not be ready to sacrifice themselves to save an ally.
In this mode, the three players each control a Hunter and compete against the fourth player who controls the Dragon.

Legends Of Signum Dragon Hunters Kickstarter 20

Materials: We use certified grey resin from the US company “Smooth-On”. This material enables an accurate transmission of fine details to any miniature. It is absolutely safe for people. Thus, even if you fill all the free space in your living rooms with our miniatures – it still will not cause any problems as it is not toxic and completely safe.

This polyurethane resin has several advantages:

1) Minimal shrinkage: Shrinkage is 0.0065 mm per each 1mm. This is especially significant in the manufacture of large/complex miniatures and shapes as it avoids skewing, and prevents cracks appearing during assembly.

2) Ease of processing: Finished material can be easily cut, sawed, drilled and filed. It does not crumble, it does not stretch, and it does not separate. Parts can be easily glued, achieving high adhesion. It should be also noted that priming and painting will not give you any troubles.

3) Strict control: Our products undergo strict quality control before they go to the customer. Modern technologies allow us to achieve a maximum correspondence of the copy to the original. We do everything with a great sense of responsibility to our customers.

4) Consistent high quality: Our high-quality miniatures are a well-deserved pride of our company, therefore we do not intend to reduce our standards. We do not allow the sale of miniatures even with «minor» defects and never will. No external factors will ever affect this.

5) Staff: First of all, our team is full of enthusiasts. They are specialists with many years of experience in casting and modelling. Furthermore, they are fans of military-tactical and collectible card games – that’s why they put their whole soul into their work, being interested in creating and involving themselves in a high-quality finished game.

Das Porto liegt mit 30 – 45 Dollar ziemlich hoch.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 20 Tage und ist finanziert.

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