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Konflikt ’47: Neuheiten

Warlord Games liefern Nachschub für Konflikt ’47.

Warlord K47 Paragon Squad 01 Warlord K47 Paragon Squad 02 Warlord K47 Paragon Squad 03

Konflikt 47: Paragon Squad – 25,00 GBP

The US Paragon programme is a highly secret application of Rift-tech science that looks to enhance human genetics and biology at a molecular level. Results have been highly variable but the success rate is considered worthy of continuing the programme. Whilst few candidates have responded as well as the famous Captain Samuels, several of the Paragons display abilities almost as strong.

With much media hype and sensationalism, the US unveiled the Paragon Trooper in response to the German super-soldier programme. With a mission to hunt the Nachtjäger, the troopers restored much-needed morale, even if their achievements are less significant than the press would have the public believe.

Contains 7 metal models

Warlord Konflict 47 Nachtjager Assault Squad 01 Warlord Konflict 47 Nachtjager Assault Squad 02 Warlord Konflict 47 Nachtjager Assault Squad 03

Konflikt 47: Nachtjäger Assault Squad – 24,00 GBP

Currently the pinnacle of the soldier enhancement division, the Nachtjäger is no longer truly human, with the DNA of reptiles, bats, and alligators merged into a horrific creation. No one knows if the subjects for this programme are volunteers, but their effect on the battlefield is without question. The very existence of Nachtjäger alters Allied planning and reports of their presence are always taken seriously by intelligence staffs. The Nachtjäger are unleashed wherever the fighting is fiercest, inflicting devastation upon the enemy and crushing morale in one fell, bloody swoop.

Contains 4 metal models

Warlord K47 Nachtalben Squad 01 Warlord K47 Nachtalben Squad 02 Warlord K47 Nachtalben Squad 03

Konflikt 47: Nachtalben squad – 28,00 GBP

Using technology derived from the dreaded Nachtjäger programme, the scientists at Dresden’s Rift-tech labs have stabilised a quicker, less dramatic DNA enhancement process capable of effective results. Closely tied to the Nachtjägers, these ‘night-demon’ infantry are enhanced with some but not all of the Nachtjäger’s gifts, creating very effective infantry with fewer of the bestial drawbacks and training costs associated with their larger cousins. Capable of using weaponry and trained to fully exploit their enhanced senses and capabilities, the Nachtalben squads are used as elite reconnaissance troops attached to SS and other specialist units.

Rules for the Nachtalben can be found in the Defiance supplement.

Contains 8 metal models

Warlord Konflict 47 Schreckwulfen Squad 01 Warlord Konflict 47 Schreckwulfen Squad 02 Warlord Konflict 47 Schreckwulfen Squad 03

Konflikt 47: Schreckwulfen Squad – 28,00 GBP

Less controversial than the animated corpse programme, the soldier enhancement division at Dresden has worked tirelessly to enhance German soldiers with the DNA of animals to radically improve their fighting ability. One of the more stable and successful projects combines human and canine DNA, with the result of a warrior that resembles the mythological werewolf. Deployed for the first time in early 1945, their impact was immediate and from the Allies point of view, terrifying.

Contains 6 metal models

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  • Die Minis san echt fein, und der Preis is auch ok, nur schade das sie halt die zwei Nachtjäger und die drei neuen Wölfe nicht in Blister gepackt haben, so das Veteranen keine Doppelungen haben,

  • Haha, die Amis total over the top toy solder artige Gutmenschen und die bösen Untotendeutschen. Mir gefällt das sehr gut.

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