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Journey into Midblight: Kickstarter läuft

Es gibt wieder klassisch modellierte Figuren auf Kickstarter.

MM Journey Into Midblight 1

‚Bright Traveller; in exchange for several of those cumbersome shiny metal discs, I would dearly love to deliver to you, this modest initial collection of my delightful (subjective, true),  finely hand-wrought (for now), pewter 28mm+ scale miniature figurines. ..

It is my ardent desire that they shall provide you with welcome respite and diversion, from your ceaseless, perilous adventuring….‘

MM Journey Into Midblight 2

I (The ToyMaker’s Paltry Puppet)  am a weary (still sharp-eyed) occupational miniatures sculptor .. for a long list of manufacturers stretching back to another century*..

By supporting this, my ‚first expeditionary kickstarter‘, you’ll be helping me reach my long-held,  distant-horizon goal of initialising a little range of my own miniatures, which I hope you will enjoy collecting, painting, and gaming with, very much :}

I’ve observed many KickStarters over the years  (it’s an incredible platform for those with creative tendencies), and have myself sought the advice of some wise Kickstarter wizards, for this one..

Die Modelle:

‚Prithee cast a discerning eye over my works (and do not despair)

Allow me to present to you, two initial opposing factions , all denizens of the mysterious Isle of Midblight, each comprising 5 individual, finely wrought characters.. Summoned at considerable cost (to my hopeless host) .. ‚

Sculpted the traditional way, with ..unnatural epoxy putty ingredients, finally made ’shiny & pewter‘ by Petyr the Blacksmith (@TheMouldmaker)…

Nimbly clicking on these images will save you reaching for the magnifying lense.. 

MM Journey Into Midblight 3 MM Journey Into Midblight 4 MM Journey Into Midblight 5 MM Journey Into Midblight 6 MM Journey Into Midblight 7 MM Journey Into Midblight 8 MM Journey Into Midblight 9 MM Journey Into Midblight 10 MM Journey Into Midblight 11 MM Journey Into Midblight 12 MM Journey Into Midblight 13

Und das sind die Pledges:

For the purposes of this initial Kickstarter (and so as not to overwhelm my anxious servant), things will be .. simples and streamlined.

Pledge A:’Dolph’s Dworvolk Poaching Party‚ : comprising 5  heroic (perhaps in a couple of instances having peaked some years ago), traditionally cast pewter miniatures:

MM Journey Into Midblight 14

Pledge B: ‚Ma Grita’s Malevolent Brood‘  : comprising 5 fiendish raiders (emerging like dark shadows from haunted vales beyond The River Riddle ..source undiscovered), traditionally cast pewter miniatures:

MM Journey Into Midblight 15

Kombopledges mit beiden Banden gibt es auch.

Und das sind die Stretch Goals:

Alas, I cannot dance and caper for you (though a fool)… long years at this dark desk have left me stooped and inflexible, still.. my talons are nimble enough… the eyes still sharp….. perhaps, I could summon a few  more companions for you?‘

A few modest Stretch Goals will allow me to flesh out this small range, and make things a little more interesting, for both you and I, bright traveller..

Should these creatures ‚unlock‘, lighten your heavy burden by adding the corresponding amount to your initial pledge…

MM Journey Into Midblight 16 MM Journey Into Midblight 17 MM Journey Into Midblight 18 MM Journey Into Midblight 19


Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert, es kann also an die Stretch Goals gehen.

MM Journey Into Midblight 20

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