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Gripping Beast: Iberians

Bei Gripping Beast machen sich die Iberer bereit.

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Gripping Beast – Ancient Iberians

We are pleased to announce that the Ancient Iberians have returned to the fold, ready to resist the expansionist threat of Carthage and Rome!

The Iberians were a people that inhabited the Iberian peninsula, primarily concentrated along the southern and eastern coasts. Referred to by the Roman’s as the Hispani, the Iberians absorbed cultural influences from the Phoenicians and Greeks. A target for conquest by both Rome and Carthage at differing points in time, the Iberians continued to oppose and intermittently support both states until they were eventually absorbed by the Roman Republic following Carthage’s defeat during the Second Punic War.

Iberian infantry comprised of the scutarii and the caetrati; the former were typically heavily armoured and carried scutums, whereas the latter were lightly armoured and carried the caetra, a small buckler. Iberians armaments also included the famous Gladius Hispaniensis, the falcata, straight swords, spears, javelins and an all-iron spear called the soliferrum, or saunion.

Favouring ambushes and guerilla tactics, Iberian horsemen were a key element of Iberian forces as well as Carthaginian armies.


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