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Fallen Frontiers: Neuheiten im März

Von Scale Games kommen Neuheiten für Fallen Frontiers, ein elitärer Scharfschützen und zwei futuristische Fahrzeuge.

Dear commanders,

March is on fire with new releases at Scale 75, and here you have an advance of some new “goddies” for Fallen Frontiers incoming…


Scale Games Fallen Frontiers March Release Preview 1

A new character joins the ranks of the Riff Empire: Feral Senn, elite sniper and bane of enemy heroes. Armed with a Pash´ka sniper gun, he can eliminate eficiently hidden valuable targets, like heavy weapons or engineer models. “Reckless” grants more command when killing, which is good, and “Infiltration” can become really useful when his position is compromised.
In summary the arrival of Feral offers a new tactical offensive character to this faction. He may not grant auras and buffs to friendly units, but he can cripple enemy forces like a surgeon at ease.


Scale Games Fallen Frontiers March Release Preview 2

These are really great news for Sayx and Ares commanders… two new support options just arrived: the Phalanx and Raptor.

The Phalanx is a light hover tank available for Condominium forces. It is mobile (fly!), well protected and have a strong structure (6 wounds), so it is perfect to attract enemy fire from your troops. It can be suited to perform an antinfantry or antitank role depending on the weapons selected, but in any case a Phalanx will act as a superb fire platform for your army. However watch out and always avoid enemy assaults…  or otherwise your expensive toy will become useless and vulnerable.

On the opossite Raptors are scout bikes of Sayx Enterprises. This beauty is the fastest unit of the game, and it is the best skirmisher you could ever hire.  Raptors are not very resilient, but they are “Elusive” and can get a “Cloak device” to increase their life expentancy in battle. Each bike is armed with two MR7 submachine guns, a standard weapon for sayx soldiers, so they give you a great versatility when shooting (by firing before moving or while advancing). But the most important point is that Raptors can not be neutralized easily with undesired assaults, like it often happens with other vehicles. If they pass the roll these bikes can fall back, still move 10 UD and shoot at will!

So now these three units got the stunning models they deserve, and they will be available very soon in our web store. Be prepared commander, they are ready to show up and your battles never will be the same.


Quelle: Scale Games



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