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Empress Miniatures: Neuheiten

Bei Empress Miniatures gibt es einige Neuzugänge.

Empress M113 01 Empress M113 02 Empress M113 03

New 1/50 scale M113 with full ACAV turret modification. Comes with side skirt option of on or off.

In the shop NOW!

Empress Firelocks 01 Empress Firelocks 02

Just added to our 28mm English Civil War range – FIRELOCKS!

Equipped with Flintlocks, dog locks, English locks etc.

Useful for guarding artillery or adding to you standard regiments armed with matchlocks. Excellent for mounting guard.

Empress Willie

Originally a free giveaway as part of our Kickstarter many years ago (7 I think?) we have a number of these available and so we have placed them in the SAS ultra modern room.

Grab them while you can as its not often I show my Willie 🤪

Empress AfghanCivs 01 Empress AfghanCivs 02

We have just added a couple of packs of Afghan civilians to our Ultra moderns range. This will be the beginning of quite a large range of civilians for various nationalities and cultures. Stay tuned.

These are in the new Ultra Moderns civilians room.

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