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Dropzone Commander: Neue Previews

Von TTCombat kommen gleich mehrere Previews für anstehende Neuheiten.

We’ve seen the UCM’s Wolf LAV and the Scourge Despot released in the Starter Armies last week. These are just two of the new smaller Commanders, so we thought we’d show the rest.

A few of you may have seen some pictures of prototypes of these from the London Grand Tournament this year, and a scant few might even have one!

TTC PHR Front Angle Background TTC PHR Back Angle Background

The PHR have got the aid of the Proteus, a brand new Aircraft type Commander!

This awesome little piece of kit brings in design elements from the Aegaeon, notably the big central fan. The sleek design of the PHR is very evident, turning even this dumpy little craft into a work of pure design beauty.

You’ll have no doubt noticed the EM plates on the front, similar to the Erebus Strike Walker, which activate when it lands, giving PHR players some nice interference from their Commander unit!

TTC Resistance Front Angle Background 1 TTC Resistance Back Angle Background 1

Resistance are up next, and they get a brand new Hovercraft.

The Hydra is a smaller, personal Hovercraft (although its big enough for a few extra crew too) which is around a third of the size of a Kraken. It’s got plenty of missiles and some handy communication gubbins for your Commanders!

Personally I’m very happy to see more varied Hovercrafts in the Resistance!

TTC Shaltari Front Angle Background 1 TTC Shaltari Back Angle Background 1

Finally we have something a little different for the Shaltari. The Daimyo is a brand new Infantry Commander, although that walking battlesuit is only just classified as infantry really!

The Daimyo likes to take the fight to the enemy in true warmongering Shaltari fashion. However when things get a bit too dicey, their personal bodyguard are ready with a nanomachine-constructed personal Gate to whisk them all off out of harm’s way.

These new three Commanders will be out next year alongside updated Starter Armies for all three factions. And these are just the first of the new Dropzone models on their way too! We’ve seen brand new unit types every two weeks in our Dropzone restocks, with plenty more new things to come too!

If you’re keenly waiting for these new Commanders, let us know! In the meantime, there’s loads of Dropzone goodness in the TTCombat webstore, including the ridiculously popular Downtown New York White Box Bundle.

Außerdem gibt es neue Updates zur Produktion:

It’s time for some more Dropzone Commander restocks this week and we have one new unit to show you too!

Our resin team have been working very hard and have managed to get five kits ready for stock this week. That’s right, FIVE kits, one for each faction. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got back in stock this week.

TTC Odin Group Background Copy

First of all we have the PHR Odin/Zeus kit. This kit contains two walkers which can be made into either Odin Heavy Walkers or Zeus Command Walkers. The Odin is equipped with a pair of Railguns to obliterate it’s targets.

TTC Odin Angle Background Copy

While the Zeus swaps a Railgun out for a shield, providing defensive cover for the Commander inside.

TTC Zeus Angle Background Copy

As stated, you get two walkers and can make two of either or one of each. This kit comes in at £12.

The next kit is for the Resistance and includes our new unit this week. We now have the M20 Zhukov and M22 Constantine ready to reinforce Resistance forces.

TTC Zhukov Constantine Angle Copy

This kit makes 2 tanks. First the M20 Zhukov is a powerful anti-air tank with probably the strongest anti-air gun in the game. Energy 8 with Devastator-2, even heavily armoured gunships aren’t safe from it’s power.

TTC Zhukov Angle Copy

The M22 Constantine is based on the same chassis as the Zhukov, M9 Hannibal and Mehmed Siege tank, however plays a support role. The Constantine is used to protect smaller and weaker vehicles by granting them electronic countermeasures. It also links up with the heavy tanks the Resistance used to grant better countermeasures to them, making it useful as a boost for both forces reliant on Wagons and Technicals, and those with access to massed Heavy Armour.

TTC Constantine Angle Copy

This kit allows you to make 1 of each or two of either as normal and is on the store now for £12.

Next we have the Ocelot/Panther kit for the Shaltari. Both Heavy Walkers, these grant heavy fire support for Shaltari forces.

TTC Ocelot Side Turret Copy

The Ocelot is a Heavy walker with a single gun, the Particle Cannon. However the Particle Cannon will make short work of even the heaviest armoured targets. Ignoring all Countermeasures due to it’s sheer, Awesome Power. Buildings and Vehicles are obliterated in short order.

TTC Ocelot Angle Copy

The Panther swaps the Particle Cannon for a Particle Triad. This adds a powerful anti-air presence to the Shaltari force. Energy 8 AA is enough to threaten any aircraft, with Unlimited range, 3 shots and an Accuracy of 2, the air is no longer a safe place.

TTC Panther Angle Copy

This kit has one Heavy Walker and can make either an Ocelot or a Panther. On the store now for £12.

The Scourge have now taken over someone in the resin team since we are noticing a lot of water being drank in there and we have our first Scourge restock. The Slayer/Tormentor kit is back in stock.

TTC Slayer Tormentor Worms Copy

This kit allows you to make two heavy Grav Tanks. First of all the Slayer is equipped with a Twin Plasma Cannon. This allows it to hunt down heavy armour as well as blow holes in buildings if need be. A useful strategy to then disgorge it’s complement of Razorworms into the building.

TTC Slayer Copy

The Tormentor swaps the Plasma Cannons for an Acid Streamer, melting infantry hiding in cover or in garrisons. Again, getting close to buildings and cover to loose it’s complement of Razorworms to feast upon the terrified defenders.

TTC Tormentor Copy

This kit has two Tanks which can be made into two Slayer or 2 Tormentors or one of each. It also includes two units of very hungry Razorworms to snack on those who just won’t submit to being a host. This kit is also £12.

Last and certainly not least is the UCM Super Phoenix. This is an upgrade on the standard Phoenix we re-released last wave and swaps it’s repair systems for another Minigun Triad for the really, really aggressive commanders out there.

TTC Phoenix Angle Copy

The Super Phoenix is a big, heavy gunship which can take a Commander, rushing forward straight into combat to bring devastating firepower to the front line. Well armoured for a flyer with the ability to take a lot of damage, it certainly isn’t cheap for the UCM to build and field, but can be decisive on the field of battle.

TTC Phoenix Flat Angle Copy

The UCM Super Phoenix is now available on the store for £30.

The restocks will take a break now until January. Until then, reinforce your armies ready to continue the Battle for Earth.

Dropzone Commander wird in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

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  • Es sei erwähnt das jüngst ein offizieller Fleetbuilder für Dropfleet Commander gelauncht wurde,wo auch die bisherigen schiffe aller Fraktionen teilweise neue Regeln und dicke buffs erfahren haben.

    Außerdem ist ein neues errata erschienen was such stark am sehr guten community errata orientiert.

    Wundert mich das es dazu keine News gab hier beim Brückenkopf

    • Kannst du da evtl mal einen Link posten? Ich finde nur den alten und bei dem ist die Resistance Flotte leider noch nicht eingepflegt.


  • Danke für die Info, da bekommen meine Shaltari/Nicht-Eldar bei Epic ein neues Warpportal. Die Walker sind auch eine nette Idee um ein paar Warmachines der Eldar mit etwas fetteren Wummen auszustatten.
    Generell bieten die Shaltari jetzt alles, was es für Iyanden braucht. Mit den News von vorletzter Woche muss ich da wohl auf 5000pts aufstocken.

  • Ich finds gut das Dropzone wieder durchstartet.
    Es war immer schon ein ziemlich spassiges System was grade mit den Gebäuden und so enorm taktischen Flair bot obwohl die Regeln recht simpel waren….

    Die Modelle an sich sind sehr cool gemacht. Die PHR versprühen ihren Charme wie eh und je.

  • Es geht ja echt wieder gut voran.

    Der Commander für die PHR und Shaltari ist definitive gekauft um meine Armeen zu unterstützen.

  • Ich bin positiv überrascht, dass es in der letzten Zeit wieder mehr News zu Dropzone Commander gibt. Anscheinend ist der schwierige Wechsel zu dem neuen Publisher endlich abgeschlossen. Bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass das Spiel jetzt auch einen zweiten Frühling erleben kann.

    Persönlich habe ich mit Dropfleet bereits abgeschlossen und jüngst meinen dicken Kickstarter-Karton in den Keller gebracht. Meine Dropzone Sachen habe ich aber noch in der Vitrine, auch wenn ich fast zwei Jahre kein Spiel mehr gemacht habe.

    • Dann wird es wieder Zeit 😉
      Habe esst am Wachende ein Großes 3 Spieler Spiel mit je 4000 Punkte gespielt
      und muss sagen, dass echt bock gemacht hat.
      Die neuen Regeln Funktionieren super und machen das Spiel doch deutlich Flüssiger.

    • Denke auch das ist einfach zu spät. Hier spielt keiner mehr und nach den letzten 1-2 Jahren wird DFC und DZC hier wohl auch nichtmehr so schnell angefasst. Schade.

  • Sehr schicke Sachen mal wieder.
    Daz Spiel steht auch immet nich weit oben auf der Wunschliste, aber man hat ja einfach zu wenig Zeit.

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