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Dropfleet Commander: Monitore

TTCombat haben die Monitore für Dropfleet Commander vorgestellt.

The Monitors are here!

On Saturday we took some limited stock of the new Dropfleet Monitors to Crisis in Belgium, and they were met very positively!

Not wanting anyone who could attend to wait long, we’re releasing Monitors for four factions this Friday. These ships have long been on the radar – Dave even talked about them years ago!

Monitors are slow ships that have extremely thick armour. They’re not designed for fast manoeuvres, but are excellent at shooting up out of Low Orbit. Each blister of these contains three ships, and each can be built in one of two ways, meaning this week we actually have eight new ships coming your way!

Lots of you will have seen artwork of these ships in Battle for Earth, and now it’s time to see the actual models.

TTC Dropfleet UCM Monitore

The UCM welcome the addition of Istanbul and Vienna, Monitors and Escort Frigates respectively. The Istanbul is a typical Monitor. It’s slow and well armoured with a weapon way too big for its size! The Vienna is – as the name says – an escort, using its stubby burnthrough laser and Aegis to help protect battleships (or whatever you want really!).

TTC Dropfleet Scourge Monitore

The Scourge fleets gain the Shedu and Lamassu. The Shedu is a Monitor, using an Oculus Beam Crest to deal a hefty amount of damage, and Detector to help its fleet out. The Lamassu Barge is a different beast entirely. It’s slow and well armoured, disgorging Bulk Landers (yes, Bulk Landers from such a small ship!) when it eventually gets up the board.

TTC Dropfleet PHR Monitore

The Castor and Pollux are the PHR’s version of these ships. The Castor is a Monitor toting the very deadly looking Quad Battery. With 4 Attack and Fusillade-4 it can be just as dangerous as it looks! The Pollux is another Escort Frigate, changing its weapons for a massive Aegis (7). The Castor and Pollux are office favourites, the sunfish shape looking completely different on the two versions.

TTC Dropfleet Shaltari Monitore

Finally we have the Shaltari Silicon and Selenium. The Silicon Monitor is a bit of a new look for Shaltari, going with an asymmetrical design. It’s still got all the flowing lines (and dots) you’d expect from a Shaltari vessel, and keeps the Quad Ion Cannon (yes, just like the ones in Dropzone, except much, much bigger) to the side. The Selenium is actually a Heavy Voidgate, which should answer the requests of countless Shaltari fans! This thing is hard to kill, and gives unparalleled firepower when targeting any level. And that’s not even talking about the drop capacity of this heavy craft!

All eight of these Monitors are out for pre-order this Friday, so stop back then for more info!

Und weil es gerade gut passt:

Dropfleet Commander wird in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

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  • Nach dem in meinen Augen sehr mäßigen Dreadnaught finde ich die Monitore der UCM ganz großes Kino. Ziemlich sicher die besten Designs der neuen Verteidigungsschiffe.

    Die Shaltari finde ich wie immer gut, mit den Designs der PHR kann ich irgendwie immer weniger anfangen und die Scourge-Schiffe waren nie mein Fall.

    Mal sehen, ob ich mir die UCM Monitore noch mal zulegen werde, denn eigentlich habe ich meine Dropfleet/zone Sachen erst jüngst in den Keller verbannt…

  • UCM und Shaltari find ich superschick.

    PHR geht einigermaßen, Scourge finde ich uninteressant und nicht wuchtig genug.

  • UCM und Scourge direkt auf der Crisis mit genommen. Und den UCM Battlewalker auch gleich.
    Tolle Modelle, nur das der Walker am Backbord Abgasauslass einen Lufteinschluß hatte, wodurch ein Stück fehlt. Hab mal TT Combat angeschrieben und bin auf die Antwort gespannt.

    Gibt es eigentlich keinen Bericht zur Crisis?

  • Humpf, eigentlich wollte ich mir dieses Jahr nur noch die GW-Sisters besorgen.

    Aber DFC ist das einzige Spiel (neben A Fantasy Saga.), das ich und meine Spielgruppe regelmäßig zocken.

    Mir gefallen ja die UCM und Scourge so richtig. Da wird wohl wieder eine Bestellung rausgehen. Kaufe ich mir halt keine SoB.

    Gruß Grathkar.

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