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Creature Caster: The Queen of Ruin Preview

Nach den Zwillingen zeigen Creature Caster nun auch ihre Queen of Ruin.

CC The Queen Of Ruin

The Queen of Ruin. Oozing with power and confidence, this monstrous model makes for a commanding leader for your corrupt hordes. She is accompanied by Pitsalc Kracc, a familiar of torment, perched on her gibbet staff. Pitsalc is often there to whisper helpful advice, and sweet nothings, into the ears of those about to be devoured by the Queen.

More alternate parts and details to be revealed for this model as we head towards our Black Friday event!

Quelle: Creature Caster bei Facebook


Seit 2010 im Hobby. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Harad, Khand und Ostlinge), Saga Ära der Magie (Die Untoten Legionen), WarmaHordes (Crucible Guard, Söldner und Circle), Summoners (Erde), Konflikt 47 (Briten)

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