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Conquest: Ankündigung der DWEGHOM

Im September soll die dritte Fraktion für Conquest von Para Bellum kommen, die DWEGHOM.

Para Bellum DWEGHOM September Release Preview

Coming this September.
Pre orders at retailers will be available next week.

Stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks!

The DWEGHOM are coming…


“…during my descent, I heard something, same-blood. I heard the world spin. I heard Eä and I heard the war she wages with forces unseen. I heard history unfolding as the world turned and the Dweghom were not part of it. I heard the drums of War calling from above. I hear them still,” he went on, “louder than ever. How can you not? Thud-thud, they go, same-blood. Thud-thud, at the beating of my heart. They sound too loud for such a small Hold.” He raised his voice, deepened it to echo and it thundered, so that all the Clan gathered could hear him.
“I am Alekhaneros!” he said in his deep, loud voice, thumping his fist on his chest with passion. “Called Azdhaen, of Clan Dheubrodsûn! And I’d rather be a Thane remembered by a world, than a King of a Hold that all forget!” He looked upwards, like an angry, mad prophet, calling the world as witness.
He pulled his axe, grabbed it with both hands, eyes widened, lips snarling. Then, with a scream, he lowered it on the chain he had climbed.
Silence fell, as sparks sprouted from the metals clashing. Everyone held their breath, but for the Thane who panted. The metal left a sigh, heavy, broken, prolonged.
Then it cracked.
Clangs of giant chains breaking fell like thunder in the closed hall, cogs unseen rolled loudly. Screeching from years of immobility, the giant doorway opened. Light poured in the dusty, sealed upper floor of the Hold, pure unfiltered sunlight. An entire clan of Dweghom raised their hands to shield their eyes, grimacing with annoyance. Many hesitated.
“Dweghom!” called the Thane. “MARCH!”

AUßerdem gibt es weitere Previews zur STeel Legion:

Conquest SteelLegion Prev01

That feeling when you come to the office and find Steel Legion sprues on your desk! Will paint them up for GenCon! #ParaBellum #Wargames #Conquest #Miniatures #miniaturepainting #steellegion #gencon2019

Conquest SteelLegion Prev02

HOSTIBUS! When you want to get off work to find more time to paint minis from the place you work for! Gotta go back and read Nepenthe again! https://bit.ly/2XdCQaZ #ParaBellum #Wargames #Conquest #miniaturepainting

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    • Findest du? Köppe und Brustkörpe sehen jedenfalls unterschiedlich aus.

      Es ist eine Einheit mit gleicher Bewaffnung und Ausrüstung in Reih und Glied. Dazu in disziplinierter Pose.

      Von „Dubletten“ kann keine Rede sein.

  • Die Steel Legion ist schon vorbestellt, regeltechnisch eine der besten Einheiten für die Menschen. Auf die Zwerge wird in meiner Spielergruppe schon sehnsüchtig gewartet. Für uns hat sich das Warten auf Conquest wirklich gelohnt.

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