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Brigade Models: Neuheiten

Bei Brigade Models gibt es noch ein paar Neuheiten.

Brigade HS15 2602 Brigade SF15 937

Demeter VTOL – 15mm – Resin & Metall – 12,00 GBP VTOL und 2,50 GBP für die Waffen

After yesterday’s undercoated German village, today we can do slightly better (although only slightly) with an almost-but-not-quite-finished model. It’s painted but hasn’t had decals applied or been varnished, so it’s a bit shiny (in fact, it was still a little bit sticky when photographed !).

This is the Demeter, an 15mm VTOL used by the Eaglewing and Texians in the Hammer’s Slammers background. It’s a six piece model – three resin parts (fuselage and two wings) with metal fins and chin turret.

n addition we have a pack of weapons – two each of missile pods, tri-barrel gatlings, rocket pods and hyper-velocity missiles. They are moulded with an integral pylon so just need to be fixed to the lower wing surface (or – just to be different – try mounting the hyper-velocity missiles to the upper wing surface like a 70s-era Jaguar).

At this point, I’ll be very disappointed if you haven’t started humming ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ or at least have it going through your head – this is surely the default reaction of any self-respecting wargamer to the sight of any attack helicopter or similar aircraft…

HS15-2602 – Demeter Attack VTOL – £12.00
SF15-937 – VTOL Weapons (x8) – £2.50

Again, photos will be updated once finished !

Brigade SSS 8132

German Village – Small Scale – 6,00 GBP

You can tell Salute is getting close and the pressure is mounting – today I’m having to preview unpainted models, I just haven’t had a chance to finish them

Today we have a post-war German village in our Small Scale Scenery range. The style of these differs from some of our other village sets by having a number of buildings with steeper chalet style roofs, plus a small town hall, inn and shop.

Despite their undercoated state we have already cast up (hopefully enough) stock for the show.

SSS-8132 – German Village – £6.00

Once I get these painted I’ll update the photos.

Briagde CDSU WpnRelease

PLA Remote Weapons – 15mm – je 3,00 GBP

Following on from the new British and Neo-Soviet weapons teams, we can add new remote weapons teams for our 15mm CDSU (Chinese) forces. The People’s Liberation Army get both a remote 4-round missile launcher and a twin barreled support weapon, each with a 2-man crew. Being remote weapons, the crew can be sited away from the weapon itself, reducing visibility of the weapon to the enemy and increasing the survivability of the crew. Both sets will be available at Salute in (gulp) just eight days’ time.

SF15-566a – PLA Remote Twin Gun Teams (x2) – £3.00
SF15-566b – PLA Remote Missile Teams (x2) – £3.00

BirigadeSF15 203c BrigadeSF15 209

AmRep Auxiliaries – 15mm – 8,00 GBP bzw. 7,00 GBP

We have a couple of support vehicles for our American Republic 15mm forces today, both based on the Baumann APC chassis. The first is an armoured command vehicle, packed with electronics and scanners but also sporting a pintel weapon at the top hatch for air defence; in this case, a tribarrel powergun.

The second vehicle is a utilitarian cargo hauler with an open flat bed cargo area but an armoured cab.

SF15-203c – Baumann Command Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-209 – Cargo Hauler – £7.00

Link: Brigade Models

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  • Wie immer schön. Leider diesmal nichts für meinen Maßstab dabei.
    Steht da eine Veränderung ins Haus? Ich kenne sie nur als Brigade Models.

    • Nein… und es war nicht mal ein Aprilscherz 🙂
      Es gibt auch Brigade Games (habe ein U-Bott von denen), aber die kommen aus USA – keine Ahnung warum ich da gestern durcheinander gekommen bin. Ich schiebe es mal dezent auf sie Zeitumstellung.

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