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April, April 2019

Es war mal wieder soweit, und für uns wird es Zeit die Aprilscherze des gestrigen tages aufzudecken.

Fangen wir mal mit dem Offensichtlichen an, schließlich hat Michael das ja schon aufgedeckt:


Leider hat AMZKNB es nicht geschafft, sein Finanzierungsziel zu erreichen. Ob es daran lag, dass niemand die News ernst genommen hat? Wie auch immer, ein schwerer Schlag für unser Hobby, von dem wir uns moralisch wohl kaum jemals erholen werden…

Diced hatten den wohl besten, bombastischsten und ausuferndsten Spielbericht aller Zeiten im Angebot. In 3D!

Neuer April, neue Idee. In diesem High Quality Battle Report zieht DICED neue Register.

Bei Westfalia Miniatures gab es schrekcliche Neuigkeiten!

We have received a letter from Volkswagen’s legal department! We’re not allowed to share a scan or the exact wording, but they essentially claim, that using ‚Westfalia‘ as a company name, is an infringement of one of their protected brands. So we will need to look for a new name it seems. We’re currently drawn between Facepalm Miniatures and WhoInTheBloodyWorldCaresAboutYourShittyHippyBusAnyway Miniatures.

Ares Games hatten ebenfalls gigantisches zu vermelden!

AG April Galactica

*For Immediate Release*

– Ares Games revealed today details of the project previously hidden behind „The Big G“ codename and the truth behind the teaser posts on its social media. –

We are proud to announce that, trying to fulfill the wish of our Battlestar Galactica – Starship Battles community – a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ship model in the same scale (1/160) of our fighter miniatures – in April 2020 we will release a limited edition Galactica Model, in exactly that scale.

„With its size of 29.6′ (about 9 meters), this model will be the largest ever we produced, an order of magnitude larger than our 1/144 WW1 Wings of Glory Miniature Game bombers,“ says Roberto Di Meglio, Director of Production at Ares Games.
„In fact, possibly, this will be the largest scale mode ever to hit the market, with the possible exception of the WH40K God-Emperor Trump at Viareggio’s carnival this year (see https://www.rt.com/news/451132-trump-warhammer-italy-carnival/) – not a fair comparison anyway, as that one is a unique, non commercial prop.“

„Given the nature of THE BIG G, it will be definitely a limited edition, and our intention is to launch a Kickstarter to fund the project,“ Di Meglio added.
„Our first stretch goal will be a properly-sized trailer, which is a great add-on if you want to move the model to your gaming table (a render is shown in photo). But if we can reach at least 500% of the funding goal we want to make the model self-propelling, so the trailer will not be required. There are a lot more add-ons we are thinking of, including 1/160 models of the entire crew and passengers, and more. These ones will be, in fact, perfectly normal 12 mm figurines, but of course we need a LOT of them.- 2693, in fact.“

The funding goal and launch date of the Kickstarter have not been announced yet.

„Completing this project in 12 months will be a BIG challenge for our notoriously late production team.“ added Christoph Cianci, Ares Games‘ CEO. „But this will be a top priority for the company and we are confident that, no later than April 1st 2020, this beautiful model will be in our backers‘ homes. In the unlikely case we’re late, Roberto volunteered to personally drive the trailer to every backer’s home and apologize in person, rather than through a lame update.“

Bei GW gab es hingegen bahnbrechendes zu sehen!

Announcing your Warhammer Lifestyle Assistant!

Greebo Games hatten ihren Scherz bereits vor einigen Tagen eingeleitet:

GG Greebo April 2019 1

Gestern gab es dann aber ein spannendes Update!

GG Greebo April 2019 2

After the 3D renderings that we’ve shown you in the last few days, we’ve decided to get down to brass tacks.

We’ve decided to create a multipurpose, highly customizable team of rocks, which can be used to represent basically all teams. (Link to the kit: https://goo.gl/bdR3RA )

The team will include: 15 small-sized rocks for stunty teams, 14 medium-sized ones (which can be customized as you like best), 4 stockier ones for some added oomph, and 2 big guy boulders. 16 32mm bases will be included.
You will also receive some grass, some sand and a marker to give you the possibility to draw the faces that you like best on your brand-new rock collection.
Additionally, in the package you’ll find some small-sized bits and one stick to represent horns and such for mutations. In the product page, you will also find a PDF file with some suggestions on which faces might look best on the rocks (we’re partial to serious, business-looking ones).

Every rock will be unique: to all intents and purposes, an exclusive miniature for everyone, which will be part of an entirely unique team.

In short, a team of custom pieces for the very small price of a mass-produced one! Ain’t that convenient!
All of these teams will be available for a limited time only, and made of authentic Tuscan premium quality stones, so hurry up and get them!

Finally, the icing on the cake: the cheapest teams on the market today go for around 25 Euros. Well, these will be sold for 20!!!!! (You can always trust someone who ends a phrase with no less than five exclamation marks)

Shipping costs, glue and flowers will NOT be included.
For obvious reasons, we won’t be able to make them in resin, either…

GG Greebo April 2019 4 GG Greebo April 2019 3 GG Greebo April 2019 5 GG Greebo April 2019 6 GG Greebo April 2019 7

Bei Games Workshop Hannover gab es ebenfalls Sensationelles zu sehen!

Games Workshop Hannover Imperator

Emperor of Mankind, ab heute im Laden zu erhalten!

Corvus Belli hatten einen geheimnisvollen Teaser zu vermelden:

CB Corvus Belli Infinity April


Und Modiphius kündigten eine neue Erweiterung für Star Trek Adventures an:

MD Modiphius April 2019 1 MD Modiphius April 2019 2 MD Modiphius April 2019 3

ICYMI: Modiphius Entertainment has proudly released a brand new expansion for Star Trek Adventures. Tribbles are now available as playable characters, download the free pdf today! However, we advise caution when introducing this to your table https://buff.ly/2YCnBun #notajoke

Fantasy Flight Games legten gleich richtig los:

FFG Barkham Horror April 1

“Throw a stick, and the servile dog wheezes and pants and shambles to bring it to you. Do the same before a cat, and he will eye you with coolly polite and somewhat bored amusement. And just as inferior people prefer the inferior animal […] so do superior people respect the superior animal.” 
–H.P. Lovecraft, “Cats and Dogs”

In your adventures across Arkham, you have dug for the truth behind eldritch mysteries and been hounded by supernatural terrors. You have been transported to the farthest reaches of the Earth and beyond, and opened your mind to possibilities that would push others to madness. Now, you have the chance to see the Arkham Horror Files universe through new eyes. For some, it may even make your eyes water and throat close with excitement.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Dogwich Legacy, the start of a new cycle for Barkham Horror: The Card Game—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website! Along with the adventure itself, when you pre-order this deluxe expansion, you will receive a special pre-order bonus as your game will come in a box built of the highest quality cardboard—perfect for sits if you fits.

FFG Barkham Horror April 2

The Unseen War

In The Dogwich Legacy, the Order of Dead Rodents on the Doorstep has taken hold of Barkham, tipping the scales in the unseen war that has raged on for centuries. While the struggle is old as time itself, a newly unearthed book, the Necro-nom-nom-nom-icon, has given the Order unnatural abilities—turning select members of their feline ranks into horrific creatures that now hunt for flesh. Barkham’s only hope is the brave puppers, doggos, and good boys who will tirelessly dig for answers and sniff out the truth.

FFG Barkham Horror April 3

The Dogwich Legacy offers two unique scenarios to challenge your team. Hisses in the Dark finds you doggedly working on a strange case that has troubled you for weeks—all of the tennis balls in the city have disappeared. Just as you were beginning to scratch the surface, you lost the scent when your witnesses suddenly refused to talk, not even for milkbones. Some instinct tells you they have been intimidated by the city’s elite feline organization, the Order of Dead Rodents on the Doorstep.

FFG Barkham Horror April 4

Your investigation is interrupted when you hear a desperate yowling from the woods behind your home. Running outside, you find an unfortunate canine, head stuck in a maddening cone. A note is attached to the collar: „The Chewer of Corpses shall hear our call. The bones of all who oppose her shall be picked clean.“ As you struggle to free your canine companion from their plastic prison, you hear twigs snap around you. The hunter becomes the hunted as you evade pouncing terrors like the Arachnicat (The Dogwich Legacy, 121), and slithering monstrosities like the Cat Constrictor (The Dogwich Legacy, 121). This new witness may be the crack in your case, but only if you can survive long enough to question them!

FFG Barkham Horror April 5

If you ever make it back to Barkham, In the Claws of Evil tasks you with exposing the Order and ending their reign of kitty terror. You have learned the Order’s true aim—they wish to make a sacrifice and invoke Bast, so the cat goddess may merge Earth with Ulthar and create a world without canines. There is no telling what will become of the dogs of Barkham or their beloved humans if this fate should come to pass. No matter how many squirrels may cross your path, you must maintain your focus and stop the Order!

A Mangy Mutt

If you hope to stand against the Order of Dead Rodents on the Doorstep, you must unite a new team of investigators, braver and furrier than any you have seen before. The Dogwich Legacy introduces a cast of five new investigators, each with a weakness for car-rides and belly rubs: Wagatha Dane  (The Dogwich Legacy, 2), Tummy-rubs Muldoon  (The Dogwich Legacy, 1), Pupper Mutteo  (The Dogwich Legacy, 4), Jackson Pawlick  (The Dogwich Legacy, 5), and the roguish Rex Murphy  (The Dogwich Legacy, 3). But not THAT Rex Murphy. No one would ever think that Rex’s name lends itself oddly well to a canine theme and then write an entire paragraph about it… that’d be weird.

FFG Barkham Horror April 6

Rex was once an esteemed journalist, content to live his wiggly, peanut-butter-filled life… until it all fell apart. Rex has always had a nose for a story and an eye for detail, but the newspaper kept him on a short leash. Just when he was on the cusp of uncovering a great conspiracy, a groundbreaking story that would make his career, a report about Rex himself reached the public. A troubling exposé revealed that only eleven out of ten humans would boop the snoot. His fluffy trust betrayed, Rex took on a new life dedicated to the chasing the truth no matter the cost, even if it meant sharing treats with Barkham’s less-reputable characters. He is still a good boy, but with his renewed dedication to digging up answers, he may once again prove that he is the goodest of good boys.

FFG Barkham Horror April 7

Like any investigator, Rex is troubled by more than just the nightmares that haunt the streets of Barkham. If Rex cannot overcome temptation, he may be forced to face a new weakness, Table Scraps (The Dogwich Legacy, 153), which presents the ultimate challenge for an agile pupper. When this weakness is revealed, the investigator who drew it must test their agility to make an unnoticed grab for the snack. If they fail and their human sees, they are sure to be scolded, suffering two horror for disappointing their person and shuffling Table Scraps back into their deck as they continue to wonder what human food tastes like. Yet in this Flaw, investigators see the entire reason for saving Barkham—if the world is destroyed, there will be No. More. Treats.

The Fur Will Fly

The Order of Dead Rodents on the Doorstep have ears in every corner of the city and their dark powers set them apart from any enemy you have yet faced. It takes man’s best friend to fight for all mankind. The destiny of Barkham is in your paws—do you have what it takes?

Und zu guter Letzt gab es noch etwas sehr ernstes bei Beasts of War: Eine dramatische Richtigstellung/Entschuldigung:

BoW April 2019

It has come to our attention that during this weekend’s Weekender XLBS (31st March 2019) we may have made claims that were incorrect.

With that being said, Warren and Lloyd have prepared the below statement by way of apology…

During the Weekender XLBS this weekend we made wild claims and accusations concerning one individual (who wishes not to be named). By way of responding to a legal letter sent via the aforementioned individual’s lawyer, we have put together this prepared statement.

We (Warren and Lloyd of OnTableTop) do not in any way hold the individual to be responsible for the things we have said as part of OnTableTop. This individual has not and has never made false claims and any ‚facts‘ we presented were our own and infact NOT those of the individual. It has been irresponsible for us, as content creators, to besmirch the character of said individual with such spurious claims as the ones made during The Weekender XLBS as of 31st March 2019.

We would like to make it clear that we (Warren and Lloyd) did not mean to offend the individual. Defamation of character is a serious claim and we understand fully that our comments were not only ill thought out but unresearched, unverified and did much to harm the individual. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best information that we can as part of OnTableTop and this lapse in judgement is entirely our fault.

We apologise once more for the false claims made by us – recinding and removing the offending material as soon as possible and will do our best, as we always have, to make sure we avoid such pitfalls in the future.

Once again, OnTableTop apologises on behalf of Warren and Lloyd and their claims. By way of transparency, we have included this video below which outlines the seriousness of the action taken.

Das war es fürs erste. Was habt ihr alles entdeckt, das uns entgangen ist? Und wer hat euch erfolgreich aufs Glatteis geführt?

Schreibt es in die Kommentare!


Chefredakteur von Brückenkopf-Online und Tabletop Insider. Seit 2002 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop Warhammer Fantasy (Dunkelelfen). Aktuelle Projekte: Primaris Space Marines, Summoners (alle Fraktionen), Deadzone/Warpath (Asterianer und Enforcer), Kings of War (Basilea und Oger), Dropfleet Commander (PHR).

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  • Haha, GW und Greebo Games finde ich super. Bei TWS finde ich die Planung und die involvierten Leute cool. GW finde ich ja wirklich am besten. Dachte nicht, dass ich das noch mal sage…

      • Christian, das liegt sicher daran, dass du auf einem irgendwie gearteten Auge blind bist bzw genau anders herum: nur dort scharf hinsieht.
        (Diese Anspielung an den Spruch zur Weimarer Republik ist übrigens scherzhaft gemeint und keine Attacke gegen irgendwen und bloß eine kleine Humorspitze – in heutigen Zeiten ist es ja immer besser, seine Intention ausdrücklich zu proklamieren um nicht mit Anschuldigungen in die falsche Ecke geschoben zu werden… 😉 und auch dies zielt auf keine speziell ab außer ggf Trumpisten und solcherlei und überempfindliche Polemiker mit Ablenkungsneigung in die Offensive.)

        PS: Vll hat es auch was mit der Jahreszeit zu tun. Bei mir jedenfalls schon… 😉

  • Ich finde Aprilscherze irgendwie nicht so witzig. Kommt mir immer vor als wären wir in den 80igern stehen geblieben. Es gibt so viele gute Memes über unser Hobby, da finde ich es überflüssig am ersten April was rauszuhauen.

    Aber jeder so wie er möchte, der ein oder andere Witz war ja ganz ok.

    Ich bin trotzdem froh, das der Tag vorbei ist.

  • Wenn es in der Größe des Battle Stars einen Super Sternenzerstörer geben würde, und der auch nur halbwegs bezahlbar wäre, dann würden meine Frau und Ich den kaufen. Müssen wir uns jetzt irgendwie Gedanken machen?


    • …würde sagen, das hängt vor allem davon ab, wie ihr selbst dazu steht. 🙂
      Ganz persönlich frage ich mich natürlich, wo ihr den Platz dafür habt, ob ihr einen vermutlich steilen Preis dafür ausgeben würdet, und, ob ihr die Kosten (Geld, Platz, Aufwand, Arbeit…) nicht viel lieber in anderes stecken würdet, das vermutlich praktischer, schöner, angenehmer, spannender, interaktiver, geselliger wäre (alles natürlich hochgradig subjektiv)… 😉

  • Kann dich verstehen. ; )
    Wir sind halt ganz extreme STAR WARS und Fantasy Fans.
    Bei uns ist das Hobby Familiensache. Selbst meine knapp 4 jährige Tochter muss schon mit Papa Miniaturen bemalen.
    Das macht es halt besonders schön, das die ganze Familie zusammen mit fiebert wenn neue Filme oder neue Raumschiffe und Minis heraus kommen.
    Mein Sohnemann und Ich werden jetzt auf einer Platte die 1,50 x 1,80 m hat die Schlacht von Hoth in einem kurzen Ausschnitt nachbauen.
    Dazu nehmen wir die STAR WARS Legion Miniaturen.
    Im übrigen suche ich noch einen AT – AT im entsprechenden Maßstab. Wenn also jemand einen Hersteller kennt der so ein Modell vertreibt, dann könnt ihr mir hier gerne den Link schicken.
    Wenn das auf dem Brückenkopf erlaubt sein sollte.
    Wir alle genießen absolut die Zeit die wir alle mit dem Hobby verbringen und da wir einen alten Bauernhof haben, haben wir auch für alles mehr als genug Platz.
    Mir ist es wichtig das wir das alle zusammen machen und die gemeinsamen Speileabende sind einfach immer toll.
    Ich weiß noch als wir mit Hero Quest angefangen haben und mein Sohnemann zum ersten mal den Gargoyle entdeckt hat.
    Mein bester Freund hat den dann für mich umgebaut und besonders bemalt.
    Als wir dann in einer der späteren Quest auf ihn trafen, konnte es mein Sohn kaum noch aushalten vor Aufregung.
    Das war einfach nur schön uns so kam es auch das ich jetzt an einem eigenen Dungeon Crawler arbeite, da bei aller Liebe zu Hero Quest, es dann doch zu wenig Tiefgang hat.
    Vielleicht wird ja sogar irgendwann ein Kickstarter daraus und ich finde mich hier auf dem Brückenkopf wieder.
    Wäre schon toll.
    Der Name des Dungeon Crawlers stammt übrigens von meiner Frau.


  • Da sind schon ein paar nette April-Scherze dabei…
    Und zu eurem Scherz mit „AMZKNB“:

    Wegen fehlendem Kickstarter-Link müsst ihr das ganze noch mal wiederholen. Und zwar richtig… 😉
    Ich will in spätestens einem halben Jahr ein passendes Regelwerk von euch… 😀

    Das „fiese“ an diesem Scherz ist ja, das man sich direkt Gedanken macht, wie sowas umzusetzen wäre…
    Nehmt euch z.B.: die SAGA-Regeln als Grundlage und fangt an 😉
    Wer, wenn nicht ihr hat denn auch passende Minis für alle Fraktionen in seinem Fundus 😉

    • Es wäre in der Tat ein herrliches Spaß-Projekt, wenn man den Gedanken rund um den Namen „Alien Mutant Zombie Killer Nazi Beasties from the Dungeons of War“ weiterspinnt und ein Spiel draus machen würde.

      Aber aktuell erfordert mein ModularDungeon-System weiterhin viel Aufmerksamkeit und Christian ist mit Summoners ebenfalls stark eingebunden … Aber wer weiß, was sich rund um „AMZKNB“ noch so ergibt. Zumindest ein Kaffeebecher zur nächsten Tactica sollte drin sein 😀

  • Wie denkt ihr eigentlich stehen die Chancen das FFG den AT – AT im korrekten Maßstab selbst heraus bringt?
    Der AT – ST von FFG ist doch im richtigen Maßstab.

Die Kommentarfunktion ist geschlossen.