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Anvil Industry: Neue Arme und Köpfe

Bei Anvil Industry gibt es neue Arme und Köpfe für Hazmats.

Anvil Hazmat Arms Mixed Sprue 01 Anvil Hazmat Arms Mixed Sprue 02

Hazmat Arms – Mixed – Rifle, Melee and Specialist – 5,70 Euro

This product is Seven Pairs of Hazmat Arms, as sold with our Hazmat squad.

The set includes:

  • 3 x rifle arms
  • 3 x melee arms
  • 1 x specialist weapon arms

They are most compatible with our Regiments torsos and guns, but can be used with many 28mm Heroic Scale miniatures.

Anvil Hazmat Heads 01 Anvil Hazmat Heads 02

Hazmat Suit Heads (7) – 3,42 Euro

A set of unique heads wearing Hazmat visors as sold with our full Hazmat squad.

The set includes:

  • Seven unique heads with hazmat visors.

They are compatible with some of our Regiments Torsos, due to the size they may require additional sculpting to fit.

Quelle: Anvil Industry


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