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A Song of Ice and Fire: Neuheiten

Cool Mini or Not zeigen neue Einheiten für ASoIaF.

CMoN Neuheiten A Song Of Ice And Fire Februar

February is coming to an end. The start of the year is going by quickly. March is almost upon us. But before we leave the month of love behind, we have one last Valentine’s present for you. Or, more like we have four for you, as our latest releases are now available. All of them are new units for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Let’s take a deeper look at just what is hitting store shelves today.

The Free Folk are the game’s newest faction and they have a pair of new releases, one on each end of the points cost spectrum. Starting on the low end, there’s the Free Folk Raiders. While these troops might not have good arms or armor, they make up for it with numbers. At only three points, commanders can easily fill up their deployment zones with these soldiers. The Raid Leader unit attachment that also comes in the unit box can enhance any squad they join, giving them the ability to activate a second unit immediately after their activation, letting the Free Folk attack en masse, which is their major strength.

At the other end of the points (and height) spectrum are the Savage Giants. These hulking behemoths clock in at seven points and make quite an imposing sight on the battlefield. They can create a strong center around which the rest of the Free Folk forces fight. Loaded up with wounds and wielding clubs that can decimate entire ranks of enemy troops, opposing forces will hate seeing these lumbering giants on the other side of the battlefield.

CMoN Neuheiten A Song Of Ice And Fire Februar 1 CMoN Neuheiten A Song Of Ice And Fire Februar 2

The Free Folk aren’t the only faction getting new figures this month. The Night’s Watch also have an addition in the form of the Builder Scorpion Crew. These giant crossbows are smaller versions of those used to protect The Wall from invaders from the north. While not very mobile or heavily armored, the Scorpion is a ranged specialist. The crew can fire two different types of bolts, depending on the intended target. If it’s massed enemy troops, there’s Volley Fire that can do up to a potential nine wounds to the enemy. If your target is something more armored, there’s Single Shot, that will punch right through that armor like it’s not there. It’s definitely something you don’t want pointed in your direction.

Finally, one of the original factions is also getting a boost on the battlefield. House Stark is getting the Crannogman Trackers. Since knowing enemy numbers and movements can win a battle even before it begins, scouts are vital to any army. The Crannogman Trackers fill that role for the Starks. They are highly mobile and able to strike at range with their bows. Their Quick Fire ability allows them to combine a Maneuver with an Attack action, giving them good range on their attacks. Joining them is the Crannogman Warden unit attachment. His special ability is that he allows his unit to reroll attacks against enemy units that have not activated yet that round. Stark commanders will want to use them early in the round to get the best effect from them.

That’s what we have for you this month. Battlefields all over Westeros are going to see a whole host of new units hitting the fields. Commanders from every army will be looking to get the most out of their new additions, as well as trying to formulate tactics to deal with new threats. All of these units are available now.

Hier noch einige Details:

CMoN Neuheiten A Song Of Ice And Fire Februar 3

Free Folk Raiders – $ 29.99


  • 13 Miniatures
  • 1 Unit Card
  • 1 Attachment Card
  • 1 Movement Tray


The bulk of the Free Folk forces are made up of the everyday people of the various tribes. They don’t have fancy metal armor. They don’t relentlessly train and drill maneuvers. They barely have weapons, just scavenging a bit of bone or old swords from the battlefield. But what they lack in military tactics, they more than make up for in one thing: numbers. When the Raiders come down from the north, they’re like a tidal wave, overwhelming enemy defenses as they go.

The Free Folk Raiders Unit Box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives Free Folk Commanders a new option for the battlefield. The unit may not have the best stats in the game, but that means their low cost makes them very easy to combine with any force. The Raid Leader Unit Attachment adds to their deadliness, allowing another Free Folk unit to activate directly after the Raiders do.

CMoN Neuheiten A Song Of Ice And Fire Februar 4

Savage Giants – $ 29.99


  • 2 Miniatures
  • 2 Unit Cards
  • 2 Movement Trays


There are many strange and mystical creatures in the lands of Westeros. The Giants are among them. These massive creatures are just like humans, only much, much, much bigger. Anyone who says that size doesn’t matter has never had to deal with a giant or two. As part of the Free Folk army, they are walking siege engines, battering entire enemy ranks with a single swing of their massive clubs.

The Savage Giant Unit Box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives Free Folk commanders two huge figures to add to their forces. The Savage Giant is both resilient and deadly. Their Mighty Swing doesn’t allow for Defensive Saves, as it can bash through multiple troops with a single swing. The Giant is resilient, too, having five Wounds and only taking a wound for each two Hits it takes. Hurting the Giant just makes it mad, with its Mighty Swing doing more and more damage for each Wound the Giant has.

CMoN Neuheiten A Song Of Ice And Fire Februar 5

Crannogman Trackers – $ 29.99


  • 13 Miniatures
  • 1 Unit Card
  • 1 Attachment Card
  • 1 Movement Tray


In combat, hitting the enemy without them being able to hit you back is a very powerful ability. In the battles of Westeros, warriors armed with bows can whittle down even heavily-armed foes, bringing victory to one side. In that role, Crannogman Trackers are the unit of choice for Free Folk commanders. They are lightly armed and armored, but that allows them to be quick and nimble. Their skill with their bows means enemies risk dying under a hail of missile fire. When joined by a Crannogman Warden, they become even more deadly, giving them a guiding hand to who to attack next.

The Crannogman Trackers Unit Box for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game comes complete with everything a Free Folk player needs to put these harassers on the battlefield. They excel at movement and fighting on enemy flanks. And the Warden Unit Attachment gives them bonuses when attacking foes that have yet to activate.

CMoN Neuheiten A Song Of Ice And Fire Februar 6


Builder Scorpion Crew – $ 29.99


  • 2 Scorpion Crew Miniatures on Large Solo Tray
  • 2 Unit Cards


Life on the Wall can be hard, but the Brothers of the Night’s Watch look out for one-another. It doesn’t hurt that they have formidable siege weapons at their disposal. The Builders construct and maintain these defenses, like the Scorpion. It’s smaller than the massive ballistae mounted atop the Wall, but it’s still capable of launching sizeable projectiles at long range with deadly effect. The Builder Scorpion Crew Unit Box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game allows players to add some powerful and deadly long-range weapons to their arsenal. Although it moves slowly and takes time to position, the Scorpion is a formidable enemy for any army to come up against.

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  • wenn cmon nicht so auf kickstarter setzen würden (kickstarter sind super in ihrem ursprünglichem nutzen)
    und ich damit nicht glauben würde das bald ende ist,
    wäre das Freie Volk schon eine option, ich hoffe es wird so erfolgreich das cmon sich darauf konzentrieren muss
    und nicht weitere Kickstarter mit neuen Ideen/Lizenzen raushaut.

    • Nur mal ein paar Punkte, warum Plattformen wie Kickstarter für große Firmen weiterhin interessant bzw. extrem wichtig sind:

      – Weltweite Reichweite und direkte Ansprache ihrer Zielgruppe mit verhältnismäßig geringem Marketingaufwand. – Nur rund 10% Gebühren von der Finanzierungssumme gehen an Kickstarter (im Vergleich dazu: Der Einzelhandel möchte idealerweise bis zu 40% Spanne vom UVP auf ein Produkt (schon, damit er seinen Kunden im Online-Preiskampf einen Rabatt geben kann). Hinzu kommen ggf. noch Großhändler, die die Ware auf kleinere Läden verteilen, und ebenfalls rund 15% vom Kuchen abhaben wollen. Kurzum: über Kickstarter bleibt deutlich mehr beim Hersteller hängen)
      – Geringere Produktionskosten pro Stück: Durch die riesen Auflagen, die über Kickstarter auf einen Schlag möglich sind, sinken die Produktionskosten pro Artikel/Set deutlich. Nur so lassen sich auch all die derartigen „Plastik-Berge von Minis“ realisieren, die wir so alle mögen 😉
      – Praktisch keine Lagerkosten: Nach der Produktion wird quasi direkt verschickt – eine aufwändige und kostenintensive Lagerhaltung, um die Verfügbarkeit für den Einzelhandel zu garantieren, entfällt.

      Und für Plattformen wie Kickstarter: Sie kassieren für jedes erfolgreich finanzierte Projekt um die 10% vom Finanzierungsbetrag. Je größer/erfolgreicher ein Projekt, desto mehr Kohle – warum also sollten sie „große“ Firmen ausklammern? Crowdfunding hat sich seit seiner Ursprungsidee entwickelt, genau wie einst eBay oder amazon.

      • aber in dem fall von cmon entwickelt es sich,
        für mich in eine falsche Richtung die ich nicht unterstützen möchte.

    • Sehe ich ähnlich. Das ist für die Firmen und Kickstarter eine Win-Win-Situation. Wenn danach Spiele mit einem langfristigen Support rauskommen, umso besser. Asmodee haben sich für ASoIaF die Distribution geholt, das spricht in meinen Augen für eine langfristige Perspektive des Spiels.

      • ok das hört sich wirklich positiv an,
        so weit habe ich es nicht verfolgt,
        cmon schreckt mich ziemlich ab,
        da schaue ich nur noch „oh wie schick“
        aber das war es dann auch meistens.

    • Ja, das Spiel wurde über Kickstarter finanziert. Aber wir sehen aktuell ja, dass sie damit das Spiel nicht beendet haben, sondern weiter für den Markt produzieren und erweitern. So, sollte Kickstarter (auch wenn es eine große Firma ist)laufen.

      • nach 3 (bzw. eigentlich 4) Armeen/Fraktion können sie ja immer noch aufhören,
        so wirklich kenne ich auch nur ein Tabletop das nach dem Kickstarter ordentlich weiter gelaufen ist,
        aber ich verfolge auch nicht mehr alles.

  • Es kommt noch eine 2-Spieler Box dieses Jahr (Baratheon vermutlich… Tyrell evtl.) … CMON hat Releases bis 2021 geplant und erst danach wird es spannend.

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