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3D Alien Worlds: Japanisches Torhaus Release

Das Torhaus für die Japanische Burg von 3D Alien Worlds ist jetzt als Druckdatei für den 3D-Drucker erhältlich.

3D Alien Worlds Samurai Castle Gatetower 01 3D Alien Worlds Samurai Castle Gatetower 02 3D Alien Worlds Samurai Castle Gatetower 1 3D Alien Worlds Samurai Castle Gatetower 2

3D Alien Worlds Samurai Castle Gatetower 3 3D Alien Worlds Samurai Castle Gatetower 4 3D Alien Worlds Samurai Castle Gatetower 5 3D Alien Worlds Samurai Castle Gatetower 6

Samurai Castle Gatetower – 10,00 USD

A castle gatetower from old Japan, designed to be used in conjunction with the Samurai Castle Walls Set.

The gatetower building is a one-storey structure panelled in wooden slats, modelled after the famous wooden yagura towers of Kumamoto Castle. It measures approximately 24cm x 12cm (11.5″x5″), and stands 11cm (4.5″) tall, and has a fully detailed interior and two functioning doors. Window shutters are included, and can be modelled opened or closed.

The base sections are designed to be used in combination with the Castle Walls set, and can be connected using either the 3D-printed clips (included) or with 5mm x 1mm magnets. The base layout has a central tunnel from ground level, passing through a large double gate, before sloping up and forking left and right, to end at 75mm (3″) above ground level. Small sections of tiled walls are also included, to fit neatly against other adjacent wall sections.

For those wanting to personalise their gatetower, an alternative version of the main double gate is also included, on which you can mount your choice of clan symbol. The symbols for Clan Hosokawa are included, but you can substitute any of the alternate clan symbols from the Samurai Clan Symbols Set (available separately), printing those at 50% size.

In total, the whole structure (base walls and building together) measure approximately 26cm x 22cm (10.5″ x 9″), with a total height of 18cm (7″).

This downloadable ZIP file contains the following STL files :

  • Gatetower building
  • Base wall sections
  • Double gates (two versions)
  • Hosokawa Clan symbol

* Samurai warrior models not included.

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