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Wild West Exodus: Neue Pre-orders

Warcradle Studios schicken legendäre Verstärkung nach Wild West Exodus.

WWX Legendary Jedrick Powell Blackhoof 20 20 01 WWX Legendary Jedrick Powell Blackhoof 20 20 02 WWX Legendary Jedrick Powell Blackhoof 20 20 03 WWX Legendary Jedrick Powell Blackhoof 20 20 04

Legendary Jedrick Powell & Blackhoof 20-20 – 23,00 GBP

Unique in the Frontier, 20-20 is a relic of the closing days of the Ore War, a Blackhoof automata transformed into a one of a kind prototype. As a new weapon for a battle that never came, 20-20 has many of the capabilities of a trained sniper as well as the ability to morph into two different modes. The first is as a Vitruvian Simulacra – a humanoid machine armed with a deadly Hyper-V rifle. The second form is his original configuration as a Blackhoof steed. While in that form, 20-20 will accept only one rider, his good friend Jedrick Powell, who takes up the rifle and together they bring sweet justice upon all lawbreakers.

The Legendary Jedrick Powell & Blackhoof 20-20 kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

  • 1x Legendary Jedrick Powell & Blackhoof 20-20
  • 1x Base

WWX Legendary Wyatt Earp 01 WWX Legendary Wyatt Earp 02 WWX Legendary Wyatt Earp 03 WWX Legendary Wyatt Earp 04 WWX Legendary Wyatt Earp 05

Legendary Wyatt Earp – 17,00 GBP

Wyatt Earp, High Marshal of the Arizona Territories, is an imposing man. Well over six feet in height, with what could best be called an ‚intimidating‘ presence, he is taciturn and hard to extract information from. When he gives up his words, he is startlingly eloquent and his belief in dispensing justice is without question.

Wyatt Earp has made it his duty to serve and protect the people of the Union of Federated States from threats that might intrude upon their daily lives. Laudable though this goal may be, it has nonetheless earned Earp few friends and countless more enemies. His immediate family has suffered numerous personal tragedies at the hands of the lawless. Only his closest friends are able to permeate the iron-clad demeanour he maintains and there are but few who can offer support and succour to the undoubtedly lonely man that must lie within the legend.

Wyatt Earp continues to heft his trusty shotgun whilst striding out to the clink of spurs, ready to dispense justice. He is rightly feared by those he faces in the city of Tombstone, or further afield because he brings hell with him.

The Legendary Wyatt Earp kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

  • 1x Legendary Wyatt Earp
  • 2x Head options
  • 1x Base

WWX Legendary Raven Spirit 01 WWX Legendary Raven Spirit 02 WWX Legendary Raven Spirit 03

Legendary Raven Spirit – 28,00 GBP

Every generation has its heroes and those who bear notoriety through the ages. Of those whose acts of heroism and selflessness are beyond compare, there are fewer. The people of the Warrior Nation know that in the lives to follow their own, the name of Chief Raven Spirit will forever be cited as an example of the latter.

It was said that the war between the Union and the Crown was in its infancy when the small, slightly-built, boy first communed with the spirits and took on the name Kangee. The name meant „Raven“ in the tongue of his people though the portent of this choice went unremarked, especially as many others that season were also favoured by that particular bird. While the War of Independence burned itself across the land, the boy prospered under the guide of his spirit, demonstrating a boldness in battle unequalled by the other young people of his age. And that was unusual, for prior to his communing with Raven, Kangee had been a peaceable child. This new-found fearless aggression saw him chosen to lead warriors in the defence of the People’s lands whenever the Union or Crown ventured too close. The Youngblood took to the role with great panache and a frenetic vigour, calling forth with great ease lethal spirit claws with which to rend his foes asunder. Over time, the name Kangee was forgotten and those who knew him called him simply ‚Raven Spirit‘.

It was not until the last winter before the Union drove out the Crown from the Americas that the true scope of his bond with the spirits was revealed. His braves had been slaughtered in an ambush by Continental Marines. Wounded, barely able to raise his weapon, Raven Spirit – by now a Warrior Nation chief – raised his head to the sky and let out the keening cry that was the raven’s own. When the spirit of an ancient warrior, many centuries dead, coalesced in shimmering blue spirit fire around the young chief – this was startling enough. When that Summoning also unleashed a plume of all-consuming spiritual fire that obliterated the terrified attackers, Raven Spirit fell into a deep trance.

Marked by intense visions of the Great Spirit, Raven Spirit emerged from his meditation with the dawn and brought with him a new vision for his people. Abandoning the ways of divided tribes and embracing a more ancient path to reunite with the native tribes of humanity across the globe. It was as part of the Warrior Nation that they would save its people from the growing darkness and also extend protection to all the peoples of the Earth.

Despite doubts and many dangers, Raven Spirit has built alliances towards some Grand Paradigm that only he can truly comprehend. Now nearly a hundred summers old, Raven Spirit leads his people with a benevolent hand, adhering to the guiding light of the Great Spirit infusing him with a vitality that would not seem possible.

The Legendary Raven Spirit kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

  • 1x Legendary Raven Spirit
  • 1x Base

WWX Legendary Abe Lincoln 01 WWX Legendary Abe Lincoln 02 WWX Legendary Abe Lincoln 03

Legendary Abraham Lincoln – 17,00 GBP

It became painfully clear to President Lincoln that he was best suited to shepherd his beloved nation back to peace -, but he could not do this from within the White House.

Using his ever-expanding web of agents to assist him, Lincoln staged his own assassination in 1866. He was then free to assume more direct control of the varied defences of the nation while his vice-president, Andrew Johnson, a capable bureaucrat with little to no imagination or drive, was left as a figurehead to rule in his place.

Abraham Lincoln was finally free to move out into the wide world in order to lead his extensive army of gifted killers through the shadows, conducting the infinite number of dark and dreadful deeds the times demanded of the nation should she expect to survive. Lincoln knew that there were things the Union Army could not be called upon to do, whether it was investigating dangers to the wounded country, to ferret out plots and schemes that threatened her, or eliminate potential problems before the public could even be aware of them. His Secret Service was essential to the health of the Union.

The Legendary Abraham Lincoln kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

  • 1x Legendary Abraham Lincoln
  • 1x Base

WWX Cor Caroli Luminant 01 WWX Cor Caroli Luminant 02 WWX Cor Caroli Luminant 03 WWX Cor Caroli Luminant 04 WWX Cor Caroli Luminant 05 WWX Cor Caroli Luminant 06 WWX Cor Caroli Luminant 07 WWX Cor Caroli Luminant 08 WWX Cor Caroli Luminant 09

Cor Caroli Luminant – 18,00 GBP

Even within the highly disciplined and elite Order of the Allshard, the Cor Caroli are a cadre apart. Warrior souls drawn from the allshard to inhabit the bodies of men and women who have been bred and prepared for such a great and glorious purpose. These hosts are then encased in heavy armour and given powerful weapons all designed and built using the technology of The Order. On the field of battle these towering armoured soldiers lay waste to the enemy, ever in search of those tainted by the Hex. They will stop at nothing to ensure such abominations are annihilated.

The Cor Caroli Luminant kit builds three multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 3x Cor Caroli Luminant
  • 3x Bases

WWX Ur 31 Bot 01 WWX Ur 31 Bot 02 WWX Ur 31 Bot 03 WWX Ur 31 Bot 04 WWX Ur 31 Bot 05 WWX Ur 31 Bot 06 WWX Ur 31 Bot 07

UR-31 G.I. Bots – 15,00 GBP

The G.I. Bot is a military grade version of the UR-31 and shares many features with the Heavy Lawbots of the same mark. Developed by the Union as an iterative improvement on the Enlightened designed UR-30’s, the G.I. Bot is built for open combat deployment. Its updated design has led to the inclusion of better armour and a more advanced combat logic engine with many complicated parts and, subsequently, a lower battery life. These changes have necessitated shorter tours of duty yet still ensures that a fully automatic army will elude the Union for years to come. Despite this, the UR-31 G.I. Bot serves in a support capacity with most Armoured Guard regiments. It is a common enough piece of hardware that two dedicated assault platoons have been readied for overseas deployment staffed entirely by these tireless and relentless metal soldiers.

The UR-31 G.I. Bots kit builds two multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 2x UR-31 G.I. Bots
  • 4x Weapon options
  • 2x Bases

WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 01 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 02 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 03 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 04 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 05 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 06 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 07 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 08 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 09 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 10 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 11 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 12 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 13 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 14 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 15 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 16 WWX Viridian Locusts Chigoe 17

Viridian Locusts / Chigoe – 18,00 GBP

The Viridian play an important role in the Watchers. Deployed as airborne Chigoe assault units or as fire support Locust teams, the Viridian excel at targeted strikes. To assist in these roles, the Hegemony has enhanced the species natural chitin into armoured plates that provide a degree of protection against small arms fire and bladed weapons.

The Viridian Locusts / Chigoe kit builds three multi-part plastic miniatures and includes enough options to enable any of the three miniatures to be built as either a Viridian Chigoe or a Viridian Locust.

  • 3x Viridian Locusts / Chigoe
  • 3x Bases

WWX Red Oak Cat House 01 WWX Red Oak Cat House 02 WWX Red Oak Cat House 03

Red Oak Cat House – 30,00 GBP

While some men and women in the West find satisfaction in a hard day’s toil, digging the earth or riding the plains, others find satisfaction in softer more pliant locales. The Cat House in Red Oak is a place where all needs are met, all desires sated and all currencies taken. There is never a dull moment beneath the roof of the Cat House which is still open for business long after the sun has set.

This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains

  • 1x Red Oak Saloon Building
  • 1x Alternative side signage
  • Assembly Instructions

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