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Wightwood Abbey – Kickstarter

Ein Kickstarter für eine 3-D druckbare befestigte Abtei.

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter1


Wightwood Abbey is a complete, 3D printable medieval abbey for use with tabletop games. The basic set includes a church, scriptorium, abbot’s house, stables, gatehouse and the enclosing walls. All of these unique pieces have been designed to work together as an overall abbey complex, or they could be used as standalone pieces in a variety of settings (steampunk, European theatre, etc).

In addition to the basic buildings, we have a series of stretch goals lined up that we believe add even more depth and playability to this already substantial product. Those stretch goals will be added to the core reward, at no additional cost, as they are unlocked.

Unless specifically noted in your pledge level, the rewards for this kickstarter will be delivered as .stl files for use with a home 3D printer or other 3D printing service.

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter2Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter3

What do you get with your pledge?

Your pledge gets you download access to the digital .stl files for all the rewards at your pledge level. The core set for the Wightwood Abbey monastery consists of 5 buildings (the gatehouse, stables, scriptorium, abbot’s house, and church) and the encircling fortified walls. If your reward level includes stretch goals then you will also receive all stretch goals that are achieved.

The core set buildings are:

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter4 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter5

The Gatehouse:

„The egress by which all those who follow the faith enter into the hallowed grounds of the abbey, and the means by which all those who would defile it are kept at bay. Be vigilant! Keep your eyes on the horizon!“

A two story building guarding the main entrance to the abbey. It has functioning double doors and is big enough for a horse and rider or small cart to pass through. The second story guard room is accessible by external stone stairs. The roof detaches to allow for internal gameplay.

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter6

The Stables:

„They say spending time with the innocence of animals is akin to spending time in the presence of the holy.“

A one story building with two sets of functioning double doors. Large enough to hold animals or small vehicles. It comes with two small pens on either side with optional roofs. All roofs detach to allow internal game play.

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter7 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter8

The Abbot’s House:

„A place to rest your weary feet after long days of pacing the courtyard contemplating the nature of divinity. Rest well (and don’t forget to say your prayers!).“

The personal residence of Wightwood Abbey’s abbot. A two story building with internal detailing, a stairwell and functioning doors. Accessible on each floor by detachable levels and roofs.

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter9

The Massive Scriptorium:

„Ah, the glorious scriptorium, wherein all learning and copying of the ancient texts takes place. Hope you brought a cushion!“

A three story building which houses the monks quarters on the ground floor and the scripture hall in the upper gallery (where the monks copy out their holy texts). The third floor has an inner balcony level with access to a rear external balcony. The facade incorporates a cloister with detachable roof sections for easy access. The upper floors and roof come apart to allow multilevel access and game play.

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter10

The Wightwood Church:

„So very much do the pilgrims revere the blessed church. Its majestic organ, sanctified nave, and magnificent apse bring humility to all who enter its sacred halls. May your devotion not go unnoticed.“

A monumental building, printed in 10 parts, big enough for an internal battle. It has an interior balcony (with organ!) overlooking the nave, a tall tower and steeple, front and side entrances, as well as two small and one large rose windows. The roof and wall sections detach all the way down to the building’s footprint to allow for easy access and sight-lines from all angles.

The Village Gate and fortified walls:

„Rest easy my brothers, for the walls were built over a hundred years ago, and never have they faltered. Well, there was that one time…“

Fortified stone walls topped by iron works surround the entire abbey complex to protect it from intruders. The main entrance is accessed through the guard house yet there is a second smaller ‚village gate‘ entrance that gives the villagers access to the front doors of the church.

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter11

Each building comes in a bundle of clearly named .stl files that you can print on any 8″x 8″ (200mm x 200mm) sized print bed. Some parts are meant to be glued together after printing and some left as separate pieces that attach via our simple peg system.

Download the Wightwood fountain FREE to test on your printers!

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter12

Wightwood Fountain STL on Thingiverse

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter13 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter14 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter15 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter16

Product Features:

Ease of Play –Each building has removable floors and rooftops and can be opened up to reveal a fully modeled playable interior. Buildings separate at just the right height for internal gaming to be obstruction free, and our peg system allows for easy separation and reattachment of sections. As well, passageways and floor areas have been modeled to accommodate standard 1” bases, so you’ve always got enough space to move your figures about.

Game Scalability – Our .stl files are scaled to print at a 28mm tabletop standard (for ease of use with most roleplaying and tabletop miniature games) and are supplied as such. However, we have also made sure that models scaled to ½ size also print properly and can be incorporated into any 15mm historical wargame.

Historically Plausible/Visually Beautiful/Fun: Our vision of tabletop terrain is one of form as well as function. We want our gaming pieces to be able to fit equally into a historical setting as well as one of fantasy. For that reason, we’ve tried to keep true to examples of historical building methods and yet add enough of our own aesthetic to make them unique and full of character making them usable in both your fantasy and your historical games.

Printer Friendly: Our models will print on any standard 8″x8″ (200mm x 200mm) printer bed with minimal need for support material. We’ve carefully tested wall thickness, overhangs, potential bridging issues and other 3D printing pitfalls and have incorporated the most efficient way to print each part (given the variation of printers out there) into our final .stl files.

Lore and Campaign Ideas: Also included in the all core set and higher pledges is access to our .pdf files of Wightwood Abbey lore, characters and campaign Ideas to add to your own existing campaign or get you started on a new one.

Stretch Goals:

In addition to the already ample basic abbey set, if our funding reaches the amounts below we will also produce and deliver to you each of the following items:

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter17 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter18 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter19 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter20 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter21 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter22 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter23 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter24 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter25 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter26 Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter27


Add-ons provide you with the options to add any number of buildings to the ‚one or more add-on buildings‘ pledge. Select the ‚one or more add-on buildings‘ pledge if you wish to purchase more than one of the buildings from the set, but less that the whole set. Simply select the ‚one or more add-on buildings‘ pledge level and then add the add-on costs below for additional building files.

Gatehouse: CAD$15

Abbot’s House: CAD$15

Stables: CAD$10

Scriptorium: CAD$25

Church: CAD$25

Attack on Wightwood Abbey T-shirt: CAD$40 (includes shipping)

Please notice that the pledge level for the entire abbey is only CAD$85, just a friendly reminder that pledging for the whole set is added value. 🙂

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter28

Pledge Level:

One or more add-on buildings – 10,00 CAD

Want one or more buildings from the core set but not the entire abbey? Select this reward level and pledge the TOTAL amount for the add-on buildings you want. You will be able to indicate which buildings you selected in the survey we send out after the Kickstarter finishes.

You may also include the cost of an ADD-ON t-shirt in this reward level ($40).

This reward does NOT include stretch goals or the encircling abbey walls.


  • .stl files of the buildings from the core set that you pledge for
  • .pdf file of Wightwood Abbey lore, and campaign material.

Pilgrim Plus! – 30,00 CAD

Love our work but don’t have a 3D printer (yet)? You can proudly display your support of Infinite Dimensions with a cool t-shirt emblazoned with Wightwood Abbey artwork!

Choose this pledge level if you’re 3D printer impoverished but you’d like to give us that extra boost of support.


  • Wightwood Abbey T-shirt
  • .pdf file of Wightwood Abbey lore, and campaign material.

Core Set w/ stretch goals – 85,00 CAD

The complete Wightwood Abbey set, with all 5 building PLUS surrounding walls.
This reward level also includes all unlocked stretch goals.

Use of the .stl files is for your own personal use as defined by our Personal Use License


  • The .stl files for the core set plus stretch goals
  • .pdf file of Wightwood Abbey lore, and campaign material.

Lord Patron of the Abbey – 350,00 CAD

Help us bring this all to life and reach our stretch goals! If you back us at this level, we’ll print up an abbot’s house for you, paint it professionally and ship it to you! Huzzah!

Use of the .stl files is for your own personal use as defined by our Personal Use License


  • The Wightwood Abbey Abbot’s house, painted!
  • The .stl files for the core set plus stretch goals
  • .pdf file of Wightwood Abbey lore, and campaign material.

From up on high… – 3000,00 CAD

OMG. You have lifted us out of the darkness and brought us clearly into the light! Not only will you have our overflowing gratitude but we will… oh yes we will… paint up an entire Wightwood Abbey for you and have it shipped to your door. This highly detailed terrain set will arrive ready to hit the table for epic tabletop gaming, and you’ll know you definitely made this project hit another level of success.

Use of the .stl files is for your own personal use as defined by our Personal Use License.


  • The .stl files for the core set plus stretch goals
  • The core set. Printed, painted and shipped to you.
  • .pdf file of Wightwood Abbey lore, and campaign material.

Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter29


BK-Herr Kemper

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  • Ich finde die Sachen sehr schick. Habe aber keinen 3d-Drucker und keinerlei Erfahrung mit 3d Druck.

  • Mein erster 3D Drucker sollte morgen kommen. Bin schon gespannt. Da ich aber erst beim Printable Scenery KS all-in gegangen bin, werde ich das Mal im Auge behalten. Die ersten Testdrucke werden dann zeigen ob es sich lohnt.

      • den ersten Test mache ich mit 0.2, wie von ihnen auf Thingiverse vorgeschlagen.
        0.1 mache ich, wenn ich mit dem Test zufrieden bin. Sie schreiben ja, dass sie alles so entworfen haben, dass man keine Stützstrukturen braucht. Und das will ich testen.

    • habe auch einen Testdruck gemacht mit dem Prusa MK3 mit 0,15 Layer. Die Details kommen gut raus. Von den Toplayern bin ich noch nicht so begeistert, da geht das Mauerrelief des Brunnenrandes etwas unter.

  • Das ist James von „Infinite Dimensions Games“. Wie ist der Testdruck gelaufen? Ich bin wirklich froh, dass Sie sich für „Wightwood Abbey“ interessieren. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Fragen haben, werde ich glücklich sein, sie zu beantworten. 🙂

    ps. Ich benutze Google Übersetzer, entschuldige bitte Fehler in meinem Deutsch.

  • Gibt es mittlerweile eigentlich Dienstleister denen man die STLs schicken kann und die drucken es einem dann aus?

    • Gibt es zumindest in US. Du musst allerdings als Printer eine Lizenz des Stl-file-erstellers haben. Wenn ich mir die Preise so auf eBay anschaue lohnt sich das meistens nicht.

      Was mich mehr interessieren würde ist, ob die Files irgendwie kopiert geschützt sind, sonst wird das sicher mit zunehmendem Zugang zu 3D Druckern ein Problem für die Hersteller werden.

    • Shapeways ist ein internationaler 3D Druckdienstleiter. Haben überall auf der Welt Drucker stehen und schauen auch das die Transportkosten nicht zu hoch sind. Allerdings ist der eigentlich Druck nicht ganz günstig.

  • Hab den Testdruck fertig. Ich hab den Brunnen ausversehen mit Stützstrukturen gedruckt, das ist aber definitiv nicht nötig. Es war ein sehr problemfreier Druck, da hatte ich schon schlimmere Modelle.
    Da ich nicht weiß, ob ich sowas hier verlinken darf, bei Thingiverse habe ich ein Bild bei der entsprechenden Druckdatei bei „Made“ hochgeladen.

    Bin mit 0.2mm schon zufrieden, werde es aber die Tage mal mit 0.1 ausprobieren. Ich werde ihn die Tage mal grundieren und bemalen um zu sehen, wie es dann aussieht.

    Die Chancen sind gut, dass ich bei dem KS mitmachen werde.

    @Der Schwarze Tod: Ich hab bei dem Kickstarter für die Druckdatei des Efreet-Dropship für Infinity mitgemacht. Da wird es zumindest eine Art von Wasserzeichen im Code geben, ich weiß aber nicht, wie die Art von Schutz funktioniert. Vermutlich eher als Kontrolle, wer die Datei ins Netz gestellt hat, falls sie da auftaucht.

  • Ich verstehe irgendwie nicht, warum man sich so etwas, zum ausdrucken kaufen sollte. Solche Dinge, druckt man doch exakt EINMAL. Da kaufe ich doch lieber im Laden, und gut ist.

    • Ich kaufe mir recht gerne gut gemachte STL files. Meist drucke ich die auch mehr als einmal und ich bau mir die dann auch so um wie ich sie haben will. Ein weiter Aspekt ist das ich mir die Größe der Gebäude/Objekte frei wählen kann und mich nicht über Truescape 28mm Gebäude bei 32-35mm Figuren ärgern muss.
      Ich mache mir auch gerne eine Version eines Gebäudes das ganz ist und dann bestimmte Teile zum Austauschen, wenn sie defekt/zerstört sind. Zum Beispiel ein eingestürtzes Dach oder auch man nur noch den Mauergrundriss eines Gebäudes. Dies bietet sich auch an wenn man mal einen Fehldruck hat.

  • Bitte entschuldigen Sie meine schamlose Unterbrechung, aber es bleiben nur noch 3 Tage in der Kampagne! Besuchen Sie die Website erneut und sehen Sie, wie weit wir gekommen sind! 🙂

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