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Way of The Fighter: Fighter Pack – Mbiraru & Ying Pei

Für Way of The Fighter von Ninja Division kommt ein neues Fighter Pack – Mbiraru & Ying Pei.

Ninja Division Fighter Pack Mbiraru & Ying Pei 1

Fighter Pack: Mbiraru & Ying Pei – 14,99 USD

Amp up the power and expand your game by adding Mbiraru and Ying Pe to Way of the Fighter! These two new characters add exciting new techniques to your existing decks, while also allowing you to try out the new themes and strategies based around these two new characters.

Ninja Division Fighter Pack Mbiraru & Ying Pei 2 Ninja Division Fighter Pack Mbiraru & Ying Pei 3

This fighter pack includes a complete set of actions for Mbiraru and Ying Pei, along with their fighter standees. In addition to the two new fighters, this pack includes two complete sets of actions for the Choke technique belonging to the Wrestle style and the External technique belonging to the Chi style.

Quelle: Ninja Division


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