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Warpath: Testshots der Fahrzeuge

Mantic Games zeigen einen Zwischenstand der kommenden Warpath-Fahrzeuge.

So, as some of you might have noticed, we were showing off the GCPS Mule at our recent Open Day. We’ve since received test shots for the outstanding vehicles, so we’ve put these under the studio camera so that you guys can get a better look!

MG Mantic Warpath Fahrzeuge 1

These are Test Shots we’ve had back from the manufacturers and although there are amendments to be made (as always) we think you’ll agree that the details have come out really well! These will look a bit odd, as the plastic may vary in colour and there may be errors on this first run. Worry not, for we’ve already gone back with corrections.

MG Mantic Warpath Fahrzeuge 2

Shown above is the GCPS Mule (with a Drakkar for scale). We have also received components for the Plague variety, but only enough to build one to show off. These two kits share some components, but are mostly made from completely different parts.

MG Mantic Warpath Fahrzeuge 3

Next up we have the GCPS Hornet. This is a large kit – large enough to feasibly carry the troop compartment, or a Mule. The turbines can be left unglued to rotate and both side doors open too!

MG Mantic Warpath Fahrzeuge 4

And of course, here it is next to a Drakkar for scale. Like the Mule, we’ve also had test components for the Plague variant, too.

MG Mantic Warpath Fahrzeuge 5

Last, but not least there is the beast that is the Asterian Chroma (which can also be built as a Chira). This is the largest kit we’ve ever made, especially in hard plastic. It dwarfs the Drakkar (pun intended) and everything else!

MG Mantic Warpath Fahrzeuge 6

 The Chroma mounts larger versions of the weapons of the other Asterian platforms, as you can see here. The gun will slot in place without glue, able to freely rotate without falling off.

MG Mantic Warpath Fahrzeuge 7

As the manufacturers make amendments to the tools, we’re entering into the last leg of the process before mass production. Once we’re satisfied with the finished models, we’ll push the button and have production dates (and therefore shipping dates) for your vehicles. We are sorry for the delay, but the wait is almost over!

Mantic Games ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Radaddel erhältlich.

Quelle: Warpath – The Sci-fi Battle Game

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