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Warlord Games: Strontium Dog Neuheiten

Warlord Games zeigt Bilder der nächsten Veröffentlichungen für Strontium Dog. 

Warlord Strontium Dog SD Agents Box Front Warlord Strontium Dog SD Agents 01 Warlord Strontium Dog SD Agents 02 Warlord Strontium Dog SD Agents 03 Warlord Strontium Dog SD Agents 04 Warlord Strontium Dog SD Agents Box Back

SD Agents – 5x – 20,00 GBP

An angry, uncouth Scotsman with a penchant for the bottle, Archibald ‚Middenface‘ McNulty joins Johnny Alpha on many jobs and is only too happy to ‚dish oot the laldy‘. Whatever that means…

Like Middenface, Kid Knee likes a drink – he needs the solace of a bottle of Mac-Mac to calm his shot nerves.

Blubberlips was one of Johnny Alpha’s group as they tracked down the notorious mutant war criminal, General William Blood Moon.

Afflicted with a vampire-like blood lust mutation Durham Red is both ally and lover to Johnny Alpha. Durham’s thirst for blood is just one of the sources of Johnny’s mistrust of her.

Maeve the Many-Armed, unsurprising, has many arms and aside from dressing like the legendary Queen of Connacht, she wields multiple weapons – you’ve got to hand it to her.

This set contains:

  • 5 Metal SD Agents miniatures
  • 5 Character cards
  • 4 Armoury cards: Bottle of Mac-Mac, Beam Polarizer, Chameleon Cloak and Medipac
  • 1 Chicanery card: Distraction

Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug4 Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug5 Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug6 Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug7 Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug8 Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug9

Darkus‘ Howlers – 3x – 15,00 GBP

Not all bounty hunters are mutants. The dangerous, yet potentially lucrative, lifestyle also attracts unsavoury aliens such as the vicious Darkus and his fellow Howlers from the planet Kunghung. The Howlers are said to be happy to kill for fun even if they weren’t getting paid!

Darkus and his Howler henchmen fell foul of Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer and Middenface McNulty as they vied for bounties during the end of the amnesty in the 49th Territory on the notorious planet Burrito. Things got out of hand when both groups fight for the chance to claim the massive 6,000,000 credit reward on galactic criminal Xen the Brainwraith…

This set contains:

  • 3 Metal miniatures: Darkus and two Howlers
  • 2 Character cards
  • 2 Armoury cards: Dimension Warp and Psi-Tector
  • 1 Chicanery card: No Honour

Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug10 Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug11 Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug12 Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug13 Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug14 Warlord Strontium Neuheiten Aug15

Build-a-Mutie – 5x -20,00 GBP

Due to the nuclear fallout that happened in 2150, a huge outbreak of mutant births occurred. By 2180, there’s an ever-increasing variety of these mutations varying from purely cosmetic to having increased or enhanced physical properties. You never know just what you might meet out there…

This box set contains a 5 metal multi-part mutants, each with interchangeable legs, torsos, arms and heads which will really allow you to be creative and form your own unique mutant gang!

Quelle: Warlord Games Onlineshop

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