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Victrix: Neue Previews

Victrix zeigen auf Facebook unter anderem mehr Bilder ihrer kommenden Streitwägen.

Victrix PrevDez2018 01 Victrix PrevDez2018 02 Victrix PrevDez2018 03

A mixed announcement today.

1. The second armoured Saxon is now at the finished design stage. This figure features a helmet with nose guard, a first for Victrix. The final 2 armoured figures will be complete by 15th Jan and then the Saxon main frame moves to the tooling stage. we then commence CAD work on the command frame.

2. We are delighted to show images of the test shots of the Ancient British Chariot main frame. These are test shots so please ignore things like flash and sink holes as these will be eradicated by the time we go to production. This frame includes the chariot, horses, drivers, Boudicea, a druid and many ancilliary items. Included in the 3 chariot set will be 8 armoured warriors from the Gallic Armoured warriors set, these figures will be the fighting crew. We will show images of the constructed chariot and crew in the next few days.

3. CAD renders of the latest set of heads for the Ancient Germanic Warriors are displayed. This set is progressing nicely.

Victrix PrevDez2018 04 Victrix PrevDez2018 05 Victrix PrevDez2018 06 Victrix PrevDez2018 07 Victrix PrevDez2018 08 Victrix PrevDez2018 09 Victrix PrevDez2018 10 Victrix PrevDez2018 11

In this post we are showing the forthcoming plastic Ancient British War Chariot plus the respective drivers, Boudicea and druid figures. These were made from test shots and there are a few tweaks that need to be done to the tool before production can commence. Most of the work will involve increasing the size of locating pins and holes to strengthen joins. We are really pleased with the fruits of our labour and think that this is going to be a very popular model.

Estimated release date will mid to late January 2019.

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