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TTCombat: Mehr MDF-Neuheiten

TTCombat haben neue Gebäude aus MDF in 28mm und 10mm.

TTCombat EyrieBunker 01 TTCombat EyrieBunker 02 TTCombat EyrieBunker 03 TTCombat EyrieBunker 04

Dimensions 8cm 11cm

Eyrie Bunker – 6,00 GBP

TTCombat Oval 01 TTCombat Oval 02 TTCombat Oval 03

Dimensions 18cm 14.5cm

Oval Building – 9,00 GBP

TTCombat Chrysar 01 TTCombat Chrysar 02

Dimensions 46cm 12.5cm

Chrysar Building – 16,00 GBP

TTCombat BrownstoneRows 01 TTCombat BrownstoneRows 02 TTCombat BrownstoneRows 03 TTCombat BrownstoneRows 04 TTCombat BrownstoneRows 05

This kit comes with four Brownstone Rows, each of which has a unique design. Standing at 6cm high and 13cm long, they’re perfect small Buildings.

Brownstone Rows – 10,00 GBP

TTCombat Scriptorium 01 TTCombat Scriptorium 02 TTCombat Scriptorium 03

Dimensions 23.5cm 21.5cm

Scriptorium – 16,00 GBP

TTCombat BrokenDomicilium 01 TTCombat BrokenDomicilium 02 TTCombat BrokenDomicilium 03 TTCombat BrokenDomicilium 04 TTCombat BrokenDomicilium 05

The kit contains three large ruined corners, and four smaller ruined walls, most of which can stack on one another for even taller buildings. There are also seven barricades that can be attached to any of the buildings to provide some cover, and a handful of scatter terrain to further detailing the board.

The smaller ruins sit at approximately 6cm tall and larger ruins are 12cm, making them perfect for 28-32mm scale gaming. Made from 3mm MDF and 1mm greyboard, the kits are easy to put together and look great on the tabletop.

Broken Domicilium – 20,00 GBP

TTCombat CityQuadRuins 01 TTCombat CityQuadRuins 02 TTCombat CityQuadRuins 03 TTCombat CityQuadRuins 04

Our woodgineers in the TTCombat offices have come up with something truly extraordinary in the City Qudratum Ruins. For the first time you can completely deck out a gaming table with incredible looking TTCombat scenery that you don’t even have to glue together! That’s right, this massive kit can be slotted together and unpacked again for storage!

The kit contains five large ruined corner sections, six smaller ruined walls, and two storage containers. Every single scenery piece locks together and can be unlocked and packed up again at a moment’s notice!

The large ruins sit at approximately 12cm tall, making them perfect for 28-32mm scale gaming. Made from 3mm MDF, this is by far the easiest set to put together that we’ve ever made, and means you can go from flat terrain to a whole battlefield in a matter of minutes.

City Quadratum Ruins – 20,00 GBP

TTCombat Produkte werden in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

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