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Star Wars: Neuigkeiten zu Legion und Armada

Bei Fantasy Flight Games gibt es neue Artikel zu lesen. Einerseits werden die Rebellentruppen aus der Star Wars: Legion Grundbox im Detail betrachtet, andererseits sind Chimaera und Profundity Erweiterungen für Star Wars: Armada ab sofort verfügbar!

Den Anfang macht Legion, und damit der Luke unter den Lukes:

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 1

Rebel Recruits

Preview the Rebel Alliance Forces in the Star Wars: Legion Core Set

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 2

“We have no time for sorrows, Commander. You must use the information in this R2 unit to help plan the attack.”
–Leia Organa, Star Wars: A New Hope

Throughout the Star Wars saga, the Galactic Empire forms a single, terrifying entity, ruling the galaxy with an iron fist and crushing resistance wherever it arises. Yet not all is darkness and oppression. Against this monolithic Empire, a rebellion has arisen. Formed from a motley assortment of politicians, soldiers, engineers, pilots, and smugglers, the Rebel Alliance stands against the atrocities and fear perpetrated by the Imperial forces on a thousand planets. Anyone willing can join the Rebel Alliance, and now, you have your own invitation to sign up with the Rebellion when you play as the Rebels in the Star Wars™: Legion Core Set.

Last week, we took a closer look at the forces of the Galactic Empire in Star Wars: Legion, led by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. Today, we turn our attention to their opponents in the Galactic Civil War, the noble men and women of the Rebel Alliance!

Star Wars: Legion hits stores on March 22nd, with the Core Set and eight other expansions releasing simultaneously. You can pre-order your copy of the Star Wars: Legion Core Set at your local retailer or online though our webstore today!

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 3

Hero of the Rebellion

From his humble origins as a farm boy on Tatooine, to the destruction of the first Death Star, to Jedi training with Yoda and beyond, Luke Skywalker has played a pivotal role in the unfolding Star Wars saga. It’s only natural that you should find him as the Rebel commander in the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, leading your troopers into battle on another unsung battlefield of the Galactic Civil War.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 4

Like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker shines brightest when fighting in the center of the battle. Though he lacks the raw prowess of Darth Vader’s lightsaber mastery, Luke Skywalker does have several distinct advantages. First, he’s cheaper than Darth Vader by forty points, potentially leaving you room to marshal an entire extra squad of Rebel Troopers. Secondly, Luke Skywalker is much more mobile than Darth Vader, using the speed-2 movement tool, rather than the speed-1 movement tool. Not only can Luke cover more ground, he can also clear low terrain with Jump 1. This ability lets Luke use one of his actions to make a move that ignores low terrain, helping Luke leap exactly into position to cause the most damage to the Empire. Then, after you complete your move with Luke, you can immediately perform a free melee attack using Luke’s Charge ability!

As his melee weapon, Luke Skywalker wields Anakin’s Lightsaber. Though he’s not as proficient with it as Darth Vader, Luke is still powerful. You’ll roll six black attack dice when attacking with Anakin’s Lightsaber, while the Impact 2 and Pierce 2 keywords help you puncture vehicle armor or cut through any blocks that your opponent may roll. Fighting with a lightsaber also makes Luke Skywalker immune to the Pierce keyword, and can help him deflect incoming lasers back at your foes. Like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker has the Deflect ability—so long as he has a dodge token, you can turn defensive surges into blocks and deal damage back to the attacker for each defensive surge you roll.

Luke does have another major advantage—rather than only being equipped with a lightsaber, he also wields a DL-44 Blaster Pistol. Gaining a ranged attack (even if it only extends to Range 2) is a powerful advantage, and two red dice with Pierce 2 gives you very good odds of dealing two damage with every attack. What’s more, you could equip Luke with Targeting Scopes to gain Precise 1 and make your attacks with your lightsaber or your blaster more likely to hit, so long as you take the time to aim before attacking.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 5 FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 6

In addition to the gear upgrade slot, Luke Skywalker can take up to two Force upgrades. Like Darth Vader, Luke can choose powers like Force Push or Saber Throw, but you may choose instead to mold Luke Skywalker into a commander who has a greater influence on the entire battlefield. Battle Meditation lets you bypass the normal rules of issuing orders to give one of your orders to any friendly unit, no matter how far away they may be. Alternatively, you might employ a Jedi Mind Trick, dumping two additional suppression tokens onto an enemy trooper unit! If you’ve already been concentrating fire on an enemy unit and piling up suppression tokens, adding two more with a Jedi Mind Trick may be just enough to completely panic the enemy unit and force it to break and flee.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 7

Luke Skywalker pins a squad of Stormtroopers with his Jedi Mind Trick, then charges to engage the AT-ST in its weakened rear hull!

Luke Skywalker is a powerful combatant, but like every commander in Star Wars: Legion, he also has the ability to shape the unfolding battle through his three personal command cards. These command cards reflect some of Luke’s trademark strategies, tactics, or beliefs, and we’ll take a closer look at them, along with Darth Vader’s command cards, in a future preview!

Stay Mobile!

Within a Star Wars: Legion Core Set, Luke Skywalker isn’t taking on the whole Empire himself. You’ll also find the Rebel units that Luke leads into battle, starting with two units of Rebel Troopers. These troopers have dedicated their lives to fighting on the front lines of the Rebellion. Though they’re outnumbered and outgunned by the military might of the Galactic Empire, their training helps them to stay mobile and make every shot count.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 8

During a battle of Star Wars: Legion, your Rebel Troopers take the fight to the Empire armed with A-280 Blaster Rifles. These weapons are more accurate than the Empire’s E-11 blasters, giving a Rebel Trooper’s barrage of lasers a better chance of actually connecting with your target. What’s more, your Rebel Troopers are Nimble—an ability that gives them a dodge token after they spend a dodge token in defense! That added mobility comes with a price, however. Rebel Troopers wear little armor, which keeps them using a white defense die rather than the more consistent and powerful red defense die.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 9

Rebel Troopers spend a dodge token during an attack, and their Nimble ability immediately grants them another dodge token!

As your Rebel Troopers and Luke Skywalker lead the onslaught against the Empire, it helps to have another unit that can anchor your army. Enter the Rebellion’s salvaged AT-RT. This small walker, while no match for a monstrosity like the Imperial AT-ST, still has a powerful degree of armor that keeps small arms from making much of an impact without a lucky critical hit. What’s more, the Climbing Vehicle and Expert Climber abilities combine to let your AT-RT make its way up and over terrain that would otherwise prove impassable to larger vehicles.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 10

AT-RTs are inherently gifted with Grappling Claws, which can tear through enemy units in a melee. While you’re still at range, however, the AT-RT has a variety of options for ranged attacks. The AT-RT has only a single hardpoint upgrade slot, but there are three different hardpoint upgrades that you may choose to equip onto your AT-RT. Depending on how you want to use it, you may load your AT-RT with a rotary blaster, a laser cannon, or even a flamethrower—we’ll take a closer look at each of these weapons and the damage that they can cause in our preview of the AT-RT Unit Expansion.

A Rebellion Built on Hope

The Rebel Alliance has survived in the face of outstanding adversity and stunning odds, because its members never abandoned hope—from heroes like Luke Skywalker to the rank-and-file troopers fighting on the front lines. Join us for our next preview of the Star Wars: Legion Core Set for a closer look at how you can command your armies with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader’s command cards.


Und hier haben wir Armada, wo die Admiräle auf die Galaxis losgelassen werden:

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 11

Launch the Fleet

The Chimaera and Profundity Expansion Packs Are Now Available

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 12 FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 18

“This is Admiral Raddus of the Rebel Alliance.”
–Admiral Raddus, Rogue One

The massive space battles of the Star Wars saga are one of the most iconic pieces of the series and the Galactic Civil War. From the opening shots of the Tantive IV fleeing from a massive Star Destroyer to the ground-shaking battle above Scarif in Rogue One, these conflicts and the capital ships that define them are thrilling moments. Now, you’re about to have two more monstrous capital ships, crewed by thousands, that you can bring to the space battles on your table in Star Wars™: Armada.

The Chimaera Expansion Pack and the Profundity Expansion Pack are now available at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

Even more than growing the Imperial and Rebel fleets with new capital ships, the two new expansion packs of Star Wars: Armada Wave VII are focused on their commanders. Grand Admiral Thrawn and Admiral Raddus define their expansions as much as any capital ship or fighter squadron, and with these new commanders added to the ships, cards and tokens in these expansion packs, you can be certain that your interstellar battles will never be the same.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 13

Chimaera Expansion Pack

The Chimaera is Grand Admiral Thrawn’s flagship, an Imperial Star Destroyer emblazoned with Thrawn’s stylized chimaera sigil. The aesthetic differences between the Chimaera and a standard Imperial Star Destroyer are striking, but perhaps the greatest benefits lie with the new officers that the Chimaera Expansion Pack brings to your fleet.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 14

In an earlier preview, we invited 2016 Star Wars: Armada World Champion Josiah Burkhardsmeier to take us behind the scenes on the Grand Admiral Thrawnupgrade card that he created. Thrawn is a tactical genius, and his powers of anticipation and preparation make him incredibly dangerous—to the Rebellion or whoever else you may pit Thrawn against.

In the game, Grand Admiral Thrawn lets you prepare for any eventuality by placing three command dials facedown on his upgrade card after deploying your fleet. Then, during the game, you can reveal one of these dials at the beginning of the Ship Phase to grant an identical dial to every ship in your fleet. Provided you can correctly anticipate the commands that you’ll need once battle is joined, Grand Admiral Thrawn may be just what you need to tip the battle in your favor. You can read more about how you might use Grand Admiral Thrawn in Josiah’s guest article here!

There’s a second World Champion card to be found in the Chimaera Expansion Pack as well: none other thanGovernor Pryce. Designed by 2015 World Champion Jonathan Reinig, Governor Pryce also rewards your ability to plan ahead and examine the battle before it even begins. During a round of your choice, you can guarantee that Governor Pryce’s ship will activate after all other ships—potentially firing last in one round, then immediately firing again in the next round! You can find more about what Governor Pryce can bring to your fleets in Jonathan’s article here.

Of course, the Chimaera itself is also included in this expansion pack, along with a host of powerful upgrade cards and new ship cards for you to refit your Imperial Star Destroyers. In our preview, “Chimaera,” we took a closer look at the ship and upgrade cards that you can expect to find inside this expansion!

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 15

Profundity Expansion Pack

As much as the presence of Grand Admiral Thrawn shapes the Chimaera Expansion Pack, Admiral Raddus does the same for the Profundity Expansion Pack. Arriving in force aboard a hulking MC75 star cruiser, Admiral Raddus draws you into the space battle of Rogue One, with two ship cards for the MC75 cruiser and a total of fourteen upgrade cards.

In our first guest article with Chris Fritz, we explored exactly what can become possible when you include Admiral Raddus in your army. Admiral Raddus allows you to set aside one of your ships at the beginning of the game—and then have it “hyperspace jump” into the battle at a key moment. If your Imperial opponent is suddenly faced down by a massive capital ship emerging from hyperspace and bristling with turbolaser cannons, it might just be enough to break the Imperial lines and destroy your enemies in a key battle. You can read more about Admiral Raddus in Chris’s guest article here.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 16

Admiral Raddus brings a new ship blasting out of hyperspace to catch the Chimaera in flank!

We also took the time to explore the interplay between the objectives that you choose and the ships that you bring to the battle in Star Wars: Armada with Ian Cross. Though neither the Chimaera Expansion Pack nor the ProfundityExpansion Pack introduce new objectives to the game, every new capital ship that enters the game offers a new variable into your battles—and another thing to consider when you’re picking the perfect objectives to accompany your fleet. You can read more of Ian Cross’s conclusions in his guest article here!

And finally, we took the time to look into the Profundity Expansion Pack itself, taking a closer look at the options you’ll find from the two MC75 ship cards and the arsenal of upgrade cards to be found within this expansion pack. With characters like Jyn Erso arriving to support Admiral Raddus in battle, you can bring the might of the Rebel Alliance to bear against the Galactic Empire with this new capital ship. You can read more here in our article, “Profundity.”

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Armada Rebels Chimaera Profundity 17

Jump to Hyperspace

The fleet battles of Star Wars: Armada are about to heat up, with two powerful new capital ships and two brilliant commanders blasting their way onto the battlefield.

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Asmodee.

Link: Fantasy Flight Games


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  • Was hätte Legion für ein tolles Spiel werden können, wenn sie auf kleinere Figuren ausgewichen wären. Kann es wirklich Spaß machen Walker, Flieger und Landspeeder auf einer Fläche einzusetzen, die sie eigentlich in wenigen Sekunden überquert hätten?

    • Ich gebe zu ein kleinerer Maßstab wäre mir persönlich auch lieber gewesen. Allerdings sind große Bodengefechte in der original Triologie doch eher selten. Eigentlich gibt es da nur Hoth. Der Rest sind eher Einstazkomandos. Auf Endor ist es ja nur etwas größer geworden weil die Ewoks mitgemacht haben.

      Daran das Flieger und Fahrzeuge sich auf dem Spielfeld nicht so verhalten wie es „realistisch“ ist, stört mich allerdings weniger. Das muss aus Grümder der Spielbalance halt sein und ist ja in anderen Systemen in der Maßstabsregion nicht anders.

      • Entschuldigt bitte die ganzen Tippfehler…. Ist nicht so einfach auf dem Telefon mit streitenden Kindern daneben….

      • Genau für solche Kommandoaktiomen gibt es aber doch Imperial Assualt. Bis auf A New Hope hat sonst jeder Film eine große Bodenschlacht mit vielen Fahrzeugen.

      • Imperial Assault ist aber blöd zu bemalen….
        Der Maßstab ist irgendwie ein bisschen zu klein für mich….
        Bei uns im Club spielt es quasi keiner weil es ein Brettspiel ist und keiner außer mir den Skirmishmodus für ein richtiges Spiel hält…
        Da ist die Wahrnehmung/Akzeptanz bei Legion einfach anders. Imperial Assault wird bei uns leider nur als Descent inScifi gesehen.

      • Ist denn Legion besser zu bemalen? Ich nehme das nur als Imperial Assault mit minimal verändertem Maßstab (damit wir alle Minis, die wir vielleicht schon haben, nochmal kaufen müssen) war.

        Ich hatte mich wirklich auf ein Tabletop im Star Wars Universum gefreut, so mit AT-ATs, Fliegern, Speedern und Co. Das ist Legions leider nicht. Und die bisherigen Minis können leider auch nicht mit dem, was aktuell am Markt erhältlich ist, konkurrieren (CB, GW etc.). Wenn man guckt, wie viel besser Modiphius seine Star Trek Minis designt hat, wird man da schon neidisch.

  • Ich möchte für ein endgülties Urteil noch einen Test der Miniaturen hier auf dem Brückenkopf abwarten, aber nach allem was ich bisher im www gesehen habe, bin ich mittlerweile doch ziemlich davon überzeugt, das die Qualität mit aktuellen Marktführern, leider absolut nicht mithalten kann.

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