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Privateer Press: Mai Releases

Privateers Lineup für den Mai

Noch mehr Ogrun von Privateer Press, diesmal für die Legion! Ogrun überall in den Iron Kingdoms, was kommt als nächstes? Ogrun Kreuzritter für Menoth? Ogrun Elfen? Wenn ja, hier habt ihr es zuerst gehört! (Anmerkung der Redaktion: Ich wüsste nicht, wie ich da jetzt noch mehr Ironie reinbringen soll)

PP AnamagtheDoomFeaster WEB

Anamag, the Doom Feaster (21,99$)

The bloated, putrescent warlock called the Doom Feaster is a scourge upon western Immoren. Once an elder of the Stonemark clan of ogrun in the Bitewind Peaks, Anamag changed with the coming of Thagrosh. When she was touched with blight, it filled her with insatiable hunger, making grotesque that which once drew her to Dhunia. Her sons and daughters became warmongers who slaughtered and died in Everblight’s name. When Everblight saw fit to forge Anamag into a warlock, she became the Doom Feaster, and each body she devours magnifies her arcane prowess.

PP AmmoktheTruthbearer WEB

Ammok, the Truthbearer (17,99$)

Speaking in the tongue of a mad seer, the Truthbearer prophesies destruction for the enemies of Everblight. His burden oozes a miasma of blighted energies that corrupts all that it touches. Graven with runes whose true purpose was lost with the fall of the Black Kingdom of Morrdh, this is the Malihedron. Ammok’s madness shields him from its power, and he chants deranged prayers as he marches into battle holding it aloft.

PP GoragRotteneye WEB

Gorag Rotteneye (19,99$)

When he first received the blight, Gorag suffered a ceaseless blinding pain in his right eye. After three days of agony, he gouged out his own eye in a rage, leaving a bloody wound that would never heal. His transformation bestowed a different gift to compensate—the gaping socket now emits a wicked, blighted radiance. All who fall under his withering gaze become enervated, as blighted energies radiate through their bodies.

PP Golab WEB

Golab (34,99$)

With a gargled shriek, the unclean beast Golab dives from the heavens to feast on the flesh of the dead and the dying. A favored pet of the ogrun seer Anamag, Golab is a terror to behold in battle. It shreds prey apart with its talons before feasting upon its prey’s open wounds with its oversized beak. Blighted energy permeates the beast, sickening nearby foes and withering any restorative magics in its vicinity.

PP BlightedRotwings WEB

Blighted Rotwings (49,99$)

Flocks of scavengers called rotwings follow the bloody trail of the blighted ogrun, subsisting on the carnage they leave behind. Rotwings ingest large amounts of blighted flesh from fallen dragonspawn and ogrun, causing the birds themselves to become blighted. Their powerful beaks easily rip flesh and muscle from carcasses and can crack open skull and bones to reach brain matter and marrow.


Noch nicht auf der offiziellen PP Seite in den neuen Produkten und deswegen noch ohne Bilder, aber schon auf dem Release Plan für Mai:

No Quarter #5 (9$)

Discover the secrets of the blighted ogrun tribes fighting for the dragon Everblight, and learn more about the steam-armor-clad Man-O-War soldiers of the Motherland in this first-ever dual-theme force issue, covering both the Armored Korps for Khador and Primal Terrors for the Legion of Everblight.

Explore the mysterious lands of Ios as “Hostile Territory” delves into the impenetrable Gate of Mists guarding that nation’s entrance, get hobby tips for building exciting new terrain and more.

Plus, catch up on the history of the Iron Kingdoms in the fifth installment of volume one of “The Fire & the Forge,” featuring pivotal moments in the personal histories of several warcasters including Coleman Stryker and Vladimir Tzepesci.


Blighted Ogrun Army Box (149$)

Blight makes right when ogrun attack! Once, the ogrun of the windswept northern mountains were a noble people who valued wisdom as much as strength. The touch of the dragon Everblight’s corruption has forever transformed them into a howling breed of bloodthirsty killers who act as the toughened shocktroopers of his Legion. Warbands of blighted ogrun sweep down from territories the Legion of Everblight controls, crushing opposition before them and devouring the flesh of the living and the dead. The blight that enhances their physical strength and stamina has corrupted their minds, making them crave nothing but to spill blood in the name of their dragon god and his living messiah, Thagrosh.

Take command of these twisted, corrupted ogrun with this box, which contains a full warband of ogrun ready to support your warcaster’s battlegroup!


  • Forsaken — Legion Solo (metal)
  • Warmonger War Chief — Legion Blighted Ogrun Solo (resin/metal)
  • Blighted Ogrun Warmongers — Legion Unit (5) (resin/metal)
  • Blighted Rotwings — Legion Unit (10) (resin/metal)
  • Gorag Rotteneye — Legion Character Solo (resin/metal)

Quelle: Privateer Press und PHD Games


Jungredakteur für den Brückenkopf - Spielt: Viel Warmachine (Convergence of Cyriss / Minions), fast alles andere was Privateer so vertreibt, wenn es sich ergibt auch mal Infinity (Tohaa) oder irgendwas mit meinen Skelett Horden.

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  • Oh, ein Herrscher des Wandel… 😉

    Nein Scherz.

    Die Ogrun Modelle schauen gut aus, die Einheit Geier halte ich jedoch für reichlich unspektakulär für den verlangten Preis von fuffzich Dollaren.

  • Die Ogrun gefallen mir schon, da könnte man wieder mit Legion anfangen. 150,- $ erscheinen mir irgendwie okay für die Armeebox, aber die ist ohne Warbeast (nur die Minor Beast), das käme also wieder extra..

    • Ist wie bei den anderen Themen Forces Boxen bist jetzt so gedacht, dass du mit der Legion Starterbox auf 35pt kommst.(Ausnahme Minions)

      Die wäre jetzt nicht die riesen Investition oben drauf um erstmal spielen zu können.

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