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Northumbrian Tin Soldier: Salute Preorders

Von Northumbrian kommen neue Goblins und mehr.

NTS Foggy Peak Goblingtons 1

Foggy Peak Goblingtons – Salute 2018 Preorder – £40.00

NTS Foggy Peak Goblingtons 2 NTS Foggy Peak Goblingtons 3 NTS Foggy Peak Goblingtons 4 NTS Foggy Peak Goblingtons 5 NTS Foggy Peak Goblingtons 6 NTS Foggy Peak Goblingtons 7 NTS Foggy Peak Goblingtons 8

More new characters that live in and around the Darkwoode.
Launching at Salute 2018  a fantasy tribe of wonderfully characterful naughty Goblins. Reminiscent of the golden age of minis and definitely very ‘Old School’, The range contains Twenty Eight different White Metal Miniatures  Including, slingers bowmen swords spears and leader characters.
Available at Salute in a VERY limited box set.
We do not have many of these and they are sure to be very popular, again, please pre-order to avoid missing out on these wonderful new miniatures.

NTS Gnome More Mr Nice Guys

Gnome More Mr Nice Guys-Salute 18 Preorder – £16.00 £12.00 (4 Modelle)

Ok who called them cute..? …more new releases for Salute 18

A pack of very angry, very deadly woodland Gnomes  – you would not want these guys in your garden !!

4 x very individual White Metal Gnome characters in 1 pack .

NTS Wyrmfolk Champion 1 NTS Wyrmfolk Champion 2 NTS Wyrmfolk Champion 3 NTS Wyrmfolk Champion 4

Wyrmfolk Champion-Salute 18 Preorder – £15.00

Rising from caverns deep below the foggy peaks …and just in time for Salute 18

Our very first Dragon (because every fantasy miniature range HAS to have a Dragon!) and the first character in our new line of ‘Wyrmfolk’ models.

The Wyrm is approximately 60mm tall and as can be seen in our photo just about  fits on the 40mm base supplied – it is an impressive metal miniature!

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