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Multiverse Gaming: Industrial Elevator Preview

Multiverse Gaming erweitern ihre „Forges of Prometheus“-Reihe bald um ein paar weitere Module und einen Aufzug.

Multiverse Elevator Prev

The Industrial Frame is a new module that will be introduced with the next two kits for Forges of Prometheus – including one of our favourite designs for this range, the Industrial Elevator.

The idea was to give you a quick and easy ‚building block‘ of sorts for larger vertical structures – the frame comprises of four double floor height corner supports with pillar connections at the top and a 100x125mm footprint.
The frame’s open structure allows for all sorts of OneUp modules to be used with it: you can use this module as a support for SIT containers and octagonal platforms, turn it into a hub for several overhead walkways crossing at different levels or into a staircase in several different configurations.

Or, as is the case with the Industrial Elevator kit, you can leave the inside of the frames empty and form a shaft for the removable elevator module to go through – now all you need is some house rule for handling the moving elevator within your favourite ruleset!

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