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Mitches Military: Charge of the Light Brigade

Mitches Military Models haben ein neues beeindruckendes Diorama in 75mm im Programm.

Mitches ChargeoftheLightBrigade 01 Mitches ChargeoftheLightBrigade 02 Mitches ChargeoftheLightBrigade 03 Mitches ChargeoftheLightBrigade 04 Mitches ChargeoftheLightBrigade 05

17th Lancers – Charge of the Light Brigade

Sculpted by Carl Reid in 75mm scale is this 5 x mounted figure resin diorama depicting the 17th Lancers during their charge ‚Into the Valley of Death‘ during the Crimean war at the battle of Balaclava in 1854.

The set is comprised of 5 x mounted kits – an officer, downed trumpeter and 3 x troopers.

The set will be on general release from the 25th October from www.rdgminiatures.co.uk at a price of £275.00
BUT anyone wishing to pre-order the set can do so for the special price of £225.00 which includes FREE international shipping by contacting rdgminiatures@gmail.com

This special offer will last until existing stock is gone or by 25th October.

Individual kits will also be available at a later date

Quelle: Mitches Military Models auf Facebook


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