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Mirico: Brox, the Bounty Hunter

Mirico veröffentlicht die erste SF-Büste: Brox, den Kopfgeldjäger.

I do have a particular set of skills… skills I have acquired over a long career in the corp…

Mirico Brox Mirico Brox2 Mirico Brox3 Mirico Brox4 Mirico Brox5 Mirico Brox6


BROX, the Bounty Hunter – 1/10 Büste – Resin – 58,00 USD


Mirico’s First Sci Fi Bust

Preorder at www.mirico.sg/brox/

BROX, the bounty Hunter
1/10 bust

3D Sculptor: James W Cain
2D illustrator: Sadoschi Silviu

•Comes with optional cigar, bio mask, broken horn to customize your character.
•Free Black Plinth for all preorders!
•Shipping on 8th October

•Mystery Bust painted at Sergio’s painting class!

*Special thanks to Eduardo from Skill3D printer for head print.


Quelle: Mirico auf Facebook

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