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Killer Rabbits: Kickstarter läuft

Ein Kickstarter für Killer-Rabbits Miniaturen – getreu den mittelalterlichen Handschriften.

Killer Rabbits KS

Das Projekt:

The most unexpected enemy! The cruelest, most vindictive, and most surprising foes to challenge your players on the tabletop. No collection is complete without the novelty of a band of Killer Rabbits!

Killer Rabbits KS2

The Origin Story:

I went to visit my sculptor Drew Day Williams at his Satyr Art Studio, to deliver some sketches and talk idea for my upcoming Triumph of Death II  Kickstarter. On Drew’s work bench I noticed print-outs of medieval drawings beside a small batch of tiny little rabbit soldier sculptures. By noticed, I mean I am a super curious sort that is always digging around the cool stuff in Drew’s studio. I had to ask- What’s up with the rabbits, doc?

Drew Shrugged, „I just like medieval marginalia so much, and I always wanted to make a set of Killer Rabbits.“ Nobody else was doing them. And they needed to be done.“

At that point I became super enthusiastic, „Dude! You have GOT to get these into peoples hands- You should make a Kickstarter for them.“

„Oh, I suppose.“ Drew groaned**, „But I’ve never made a Kickstarter before. I’ve only sold my work for others‘ Kickstarters (like yours) up ‚till now. Got any advice?“

Now, I couldn’t let that line go unchallenged, so I literally clasped my hand on Drew’s shoulder, „Don’t you worry, Buddy. You finish sculpting these figures, and I’ll help you make a Kickstarter for them! The world (read myself as well I am sure others) need these!“

** Groaned may be a bit dramatic, but that’s what happens in a retelling.

Killer Rabbits KS3 Killer Rabbits KS4

The Campaign:

This modest Kickstarter is for a limited range of small, 25mm-ish scale Killer Rabbits, cast in pewter, in a variety of poses, wielding a variety of weapons all based upon 11-14th century art found in the margins of medieval manuscripts, based on… wait for it… rabbits!  Like these images which were used as the concept art for the miniatures.

Drew has already sculpted the base 10 figures thus far, and is poised to sculpt additional miniatures and even vignettes should you the backer build up to those stretch goals!

In the awesome event that all of the planned stretch goals for this Kickstarter campaign be met, Drew will vow** to continue on developing other ranges of designs drawn from the same sources, expanding a line of unique and lively models based on the figures found in medieval manuscripts; the beginnings of Marginalia Miniatures.

** Again, my dramatic embellishment here, but vow sounded so… monk like.

Pledge Level:

Note: I forgot to set the limit on the Colony painted sets, which was 2. Those have now been backed and are no longer available! Thanks!

Killer Rabbits KS5 Killer Rabbits KS6 Killer Rabbits KS7 Killer Rabbits KS8 Killer Rabbits KS9

Stretch Goals:

Killer Rabbits KS10 Killer Rabbits KS11 Killer Rabbits KS12

Die Miniaturen:

Killer Rabbits KS13 Killer Rabbits KS14 Killer Rabbits KS15 Killer Rabbits KS16 Killer Rabbits KS17 Killer Rabbits KS18 Killer Rabbits KS19 Killer Rabbits KS20 Killer Rabbits KS21


Finanzierung: mehr als 13.000 USD (Ziel waren 1.200 USD)

Backer: fast 200

Ende: 15. Oktober 2018 18:00 CEST

Link: Killer Rabbits KS

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