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Human Interface: Bilder und Update

Bei Human Interface gibt es neue Updates zum Lieferstatus und außerdem gab es zuletzt einige Bilder.

PIG Postindustrial Human Interface 1 PIG Postindustrial Human Interface 2

Hello everybody! It’s time for another update.

As it became customary, we would like to start with the formal matters. The date that the games are going to be shipped to us, stays the same; it’s the upcoming December. As soon as we have them in our warehouse, we will start shipping them directly to you. Unusual orders (metal, resin elements) are often packed in prepared in a way that allows to just repack them wholesale and ship.

An important disclaimer.
At the beginning of December we are going to start to lock the shipping addresses. Of course we are going to remind you about that in following updates with final notice.

That’s enough about the production. Now let’s talk about the game. As you know in this edition we had implemented a new elements: character classes. That means that particular characters possess universal skills that are typical for their class. It looks like this:

A Team’s Leader is its brain and its heart both. Typically the most experienced member in the team, the Leader has ultimate responsibility for his pals’ actions during the mission.
– Class skill: Squadsync: Team Leader can activate simultaneously with a friendly adjacent model. This triggers only one reaction.
A Ronin, may be connected with criminal groups, but is not a gang member. He follows his own path. Ronins are hired bodyguards and mercenaries.
– Class skill: Lightning Reflexes: This Character gets no penalties when using the Fast Attack reaction (basically, you get -3 modifier).
A Hacker used to be a well respected individual who liked to use of cyberdecks. Using their neurochips and sophisticated cybergear, they surf the web, looking for information.
– Class skill: SysOp: +2 System Resources per turn (few more will be useful).
A Skimmer is the well-connected information broker who apply their trade on the black market. Many Skimmers are skilled in natural stealth.
– Class skill: On position: No Alarm token for presence (generally, you always generate Alarm tokens for presence).
An Uberboy/Ubergirl. In a firefight between teams a big pal carrying a heavy weapon can be every bit as devastating. The Uberboy acts as an executor for their team, suppressing the enemy while their buddy advance. – Class skill: I’m the gun guy: You can use Heavy Weapon in Close Combat (normally, you can’t use that kind of weapon in CC).

That’s it for today
The HINT team

PIG Postindustrial Human Interface 3 PIG Postindustrial Human Interface 4

Hello everybody! It’s time for another update.

Let’s start today with formal matters. As for this moment, we do not foresee any changes regarding the production and shipping, the cargo is going to leave the factory in December, although the exact date has not been disclosed to us yet. We are bound to receive the final shipment date by the end of this month. We have also received some concerns regarding the Chinese New Year – the last we heard of it, the Chinese New Year was going down in February, so there is little chance that it will influence either production that is happening right now, or the shipping that follows.

Okey, that would be it for the formalities, and lets talk game. As you all probably know, during the campaign we have unlocked a few models… or more than a few actually, and all of them have their own particular rules. Some of them are real beast and specialist in their own field of martial expertise. One of our own favourites is Subject Zero – an immensely dangerous individual, especially in close quarters. His strength combined with the rusty meat hooks that he carries with him, makes him a true monster to behold. If you happen to stumble upon him in the dark corridors of the vast Black Site complex, you should probably try to keep the distance. Preferably with the help of heavy machine guns.

In case of unavailability of this kind of ordnance, our heroes do poses special techniques to overcome such obstacles. Perhaps this heroine is not of an imposing stature when compared to the gruesome Subject Zero, but rest assured that she has a bunch of tricks up her sleeve that go a long way in dealing pain and harm to the people that would stand against her. It is a good idea to have her in the team.

We still have some surprises for you, but thats for the next time. And that’s it for today.

The HINT team

PIG Postindustrial Human Interface 5 PIG Postindustrial Human Interface 6 PIG Postindustrial Human Interface 7 PIG Postindustrial Human Interface 8

Hi everyone in this next update.

As you already know, we have been to Essen Spiel last week with the prototype of the game and some of you have had a chance to play with us. The feedback we’ve got from you led to the changes we’ve made to the game. It all led to enriched, more dynamic and more diverse gameplay. Apart from “super” and “bravo” we have even got one or two “awesome!” from you guys. 🙂 In addition to that, you have had a chance to check out the plastic pre-production samples and what we can say is that they were getting positive reactions.

We have just finished an official correction and approval procedure and the full scale production of the miniatures range is launching right now. By the middle of the month the production of cardboard is going to launch, and right after that the rest of the elements will follow. That means we are right on schedule. In a few weeks we will have precise dates of shipping available.

We would like to show you all the miniatures that were unlocked during the campaign and will go into production in plastic. We are a super happy that practically none of them were reposed from what we shared during the campaign to meet the production requirements. Soon you are going to receive a game that has the most dynamic and cyberpunk models available on the market. Not mentioning the rules and missions that are supercool.

That’s it for today
The HINT team

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  • Kann jemand was zu dem Spiel sagen? Die Minis und der Stil gefällt mir schon recht gut und ich überlege ob ich es mir holen soll.

    • Was möchtest du wissen?
      Das Regelwerk fängt den Cyberpunk sehe ordentlich ein. Es ist ein zwei Spieler Kampagnenspiel, wobei mit dem Kickstarter auch Regeln für ein freies Spiel gegeneinander dazu kommen. Ein kleines Team von Runnern dringt in das Konzerngebäude ein, um Daten zu klauen, und muss sich nicht nur gegen die Sicherheit des Systems, sondern auch gegen die Privatarmee des Konzerneigentümers zur Wehr setzen. Die Charaktere sind dabei auf beiden Seiten sehr vielseitig mit Cyberware, chips, Ausrüster tung und Fähigkeiten ausgestattet, die im Laufe der Kampagne verbessert werden.
      Regeltechnisch wird aufeinander geschossen und mit Spielkarten die Sicherheitssysteme oder das gegnerische Team gehackt.

      Ich finde es etwas zu Glücksabhängig, und während der Kampagne kann es sehr zu einer Seite Kippen. Der Kampagnenbaum verzweigt auch nicht, so dass du zwar Vorteile in der ausrüstung erhälst wenn du gut abschneidest, das spiel aber nur einebestimmte Geschichte erzählt hat im ersten Spiel. Wie das im Nachfolger wird weiß ich nicht.

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