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Hirelings of Asura: Kickstarter läuft

Hireling of Asura ist ein Kickstarter zur Finanzierung von mehreren 70mm Miniaturen für Sammler und Maler.

Hirelings Asura KS

Hireling of Asura is a project to release a four 70mm miniature collection based on epic fantasy. They have been designed by Adrian Prado, sculpted by Joaquín Palacios, studio paint by Sergio Calvo and casted in high quality resin.

Hirelings Asura KS2Hirelings Asura KS3 Hirelings Asura KS4 Hirelings Asura KS5 Hirelings Asura KS6

Pledge Level:

 Then, we will explain each Pledge separately to clarify any doubt and make sure you acquire what you really want. In addition, as other products are unlocked, the information will be added to each one of them.

Hirelings Asura KS7 Hirelings Asura KS8 Hirelings Asura KS9 Hirelings Asura KS10 Hirelings Asura KS11 Hirelings Asura KS12


Stretch Goals:

 Here you will find the stretch goals we want to achieve. As the previous ones are being unlocked, we will add the following ones. Stay tuned if you want to update your purchases!

Hirelings Asura KS13 Hirelings Asura KS14 Hirelings Asura KS15 Hirelings Asura KS16 Hirelings Asura KS17 Hirelings Asura KS18 Hirelings Asura KS19 Hirelings Asura KS20 Hirelings Asura KS21 Hirelings Asura KS22 Hirelings Asura KS23 Hirelings Asura KS24 Hirelings Asura KS25 Hirelings Asura KS26 Hirelings Asura KS27 Hirelings Asura KS28 Hirelings Asura KS29


Hearling of Asura begins as a 4 miniatures collection to gain a foothold in the world of miniature painters, players and collectors.

Based on an Asian theme, it combines the world of epic fantasy with a historical nuance through his characters; Tsukigoro the fervent warrior, Kijin, his Kanobo is able to scare away any enemy, Maou and his dark magic and Akurei, the undead orc who returns from dead get revenge.

If you want to know more about Hearling of Asura, you are a painter, you like miniatures or you are passionate about collecting, this is your project!


 All the miniatures have been made in high quality resin; all of them will be delivered always unassembled and unpainted. In addition, all the pieces will be checked by our quality control team ‘Hearlings of Asura’ one by one to always give the best quality.

Hirelings Asura KS30 Hirelings Asura KS31 Hirelings Asura KS32 Hirelings Asura KS33


45.820 EUR vom 10.000 EUR Finanzierungsziel wurden erreicht. Die Kampagne endet  6. Mai 2018 20:53 CEST.

Link: Hirelings of Asura KS

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